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What are some of the main causes of stress in your job or at your workplace?


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Being asked to do things which my boss himself has no idea how to do.

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When I worked in the food industry, there were a lot of "Why don't you...?" type question.

Instead of explaining, the manager will stop someone and ask with a condescending voice "Why don't you do that ?", asking you to explain himself even if there is no other explanation than "I didn't know", wasting everyone's time and forcing the team to hurry even more.

The manager usually scolds someone for 30 minutes like this before complaining he has "other things to do".

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Physical intimidation, racism, wages being withheld ... it's a lifetime ago but still remembered not so fondly. Back in the lower wage days. When bosses could treat you like a serf.

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Given the silent treatment. Having a boss who knows the answer to something, yet lies and says he does not.

General passive/aggressive behaviour.

Oh, and always talking to another employee about me and he has to relay information to me.

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Missing a trade.

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Gutter language. No offense, Kniknaknokkaer, but the trades are the worst for it. Been in 'em for almost 50 years and it's gutter language, by far, that offends most of us, and the trades are rife with it.

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Because of an atmosphere, which means working too hard for his/ her job is highly respected, is still to many workplaces in Japan. So called "Ganbaru Bunka," "working much harder than one's ability without getting overtime pay or any return." Also, an idea of "how long you have worked here" is much respected than that of "how many skills you have accuired."

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Boneheaded colleagues.  Jobsworths.  Politics.

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The few co-workers who are too lazy to look things up themselves like everyone else does and come to me to get everything ready for and explain everything to them. They are also frequently the ones who say they'll do something but then I come to find they forgot to or did a half-baked job of it. Gahh!

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