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What are some of the weirdest names you've heard or read about people giving their children?


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I remember back in (I think the 90s) when a case in Japan made headlines even in Europe: a father submitted the name "Akuma (demon)" for this son to the administration who flatly rejected it. He then tried "Tenshi (angel)". Don't know how that one panned out.

Guess he liked Devilman, eh? But yeah, definitely stupid.

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I find it quite amusing when people, often from the US, name their kids after themselves. Thomas the second, William Johnson the third etc.... Do they think they are royalty?

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My teacher in HS had 2 twin girls in his school.

Their last names were Cake. First names: Ginger and Patty

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Boy at my school called Richard.

Family name was Head.

That should be classed as child abuse.

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Although it depends on where people live to see whether or not people's names are weird, there are lots of names which make me feel strange when I hear them. One of the weirdest is "tiara". Not only the name itself, but also it is written in Katakana form. It is like naming your children "Diamond". It seems to be brilliant but weird to me. Also, some parents do not care the combination of sound between family name and first name. In my school, one student's first name is "Nanan", and her family name ends up "...na". Thus, "na" is repeated three times. I think how the name's pronounced is important part when parents consider naming their children.

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American radio-newsman-turned-daytime TV host Maury Povich always has ‘interesting’ guests. Hand-to-god, one of the mother’s names was “LaSania” pronouced “Lasagna”.

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In a former job in the UK I came across a man called Oliver Tudor Duck, a woman called Ethel Fanny Gash and another named Helen Highwater.

There was also antiques dealer near Plymouth in Devon named Robin Bastard.

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I was in a room with about 8 Micks once.

Easy to remember peoples names without resorting to "mate "

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@Alfie Noakes 'Came across'?

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piskian 04:59 pm JST

@Alfie Noakes 'Came across'?

I found their names in files, I didn't actually meet them.

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Oh? I thought @AlfieNoakes 5:14pm that @piskian was having ‘a bit of fun’ with your comment ; )

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I heard of a girl called Fonda.

Don't know if her parents were fans of Henry, Jane or Peter, but their family name was Cox.

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Just ‘curious’ @Mickelicious 7:01pm if you’ve travel in the same circles at @2:14pm above:

@GuruMick 2:14 pm:“I was in a room with about 8 Micks once. Easy to remember peoples names without resorting to "mate”. -

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There were twins in my elementary school, Family name was Duck one was Donald the other, I can't remember his real name but everyone called him Daffy.

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I tutored a rich kid named Wolfie once. His parents certainly didn't do him any favors with that name, stupid as a tack. Hopefully their wealth will allow him to survive.

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In Japan, I taught a male student whose name was Sadami. He was going to spend a summer abroad in the U.S. I could sense he needed a good nickname, because his name resembled a certain Iraqi dictator and a form of sexual play. But it wouldn't do him any good to have his name shortened to "Sad". So we settled on "Happy" which matched his disposition.

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Too many to mention, my favourites are;

Michaelangelo, the child of hipster parents in the East End of London.

Salem and Jerusalem, siblings. Parents religious zealots.

Nefertiti. Parents thought it was “exotic”.

Onyx. As above.

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Dad worked with a guy named Harry Butt

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Frank Zappa's children = Moon Unit Zappa & Dweezel Zappa

David Bowie's = Zowie Bowie

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There was a couple in France who wanted to name their kid Nutella. Luckily, the courts put a stop to that.

In China, there was a couple who wanted to name their kid "@" but was denied because there is not Chinese character equivalent.

Then there's Elon Musk's kid's name....how do you even pronounce it?!!

Oh and I also read somewhere that there's a woman in the UK named Mary Christmas. No joke. Her parents has quite the sense of humor...

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Just ‘curious’ @Mickelicious 7:01pm if you’ve travel in the same circles at @2:14pm above:

Quite possibly. Geographical or vocational prefixes become the norm.

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The parents gave him a very ordinary first name but I knew a guy in high school named Richard Luna. Not a far stretch for kids to call him Dick Lunatic.

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...and the list goes on.

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There was a kid in my town called Steele, which I thought was cool. There's an Australian football player called Steele Sidebottom which is one of the best names I've ever heard, maybe he was named after him.

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I had GFs in my teens called Misty and Storm. Misty is quite nice for a girl I think.

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