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What are some of your favorite getaway spots in Japan when you feel the need for a short holiday?


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None, I prefer gaikoku. If I have to answer however I would say Hokkaido.

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Well, all holidays in Japan are 'short'.....

Ogasawara, Okinawa (especially the rito islands) are my favourite spots. For me, 'holidays' means sun, coral seas, tropical fish and exotic nature. And cocktails with mango, coconut and/or pineapple in them.

Not this year though. :-(

For a one-night-away quickie, onsens are good, though I have no particular favourite. A nice hotel, good food and a private bath with a good view; not fussy about geographical location.

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How do you define short? Day trip? One night? Two nights?

For "short trips" of 1-2 nights, we've been many times to Hakone (onsen), Izu (beaches), Gunma (camping, onsen), Nasu (mountains, onsen), Tateshina (mountains, onsen). In winter, skiing mostly around Yuzawa area for 1 night trips.

For longer trips, Okinawa is the favorite, followed by Hokkaido. But usually for longer trips we prefer to go abroad.

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Karuizawa, especially in summer. It's only about a 3-hour drive. Nishiizu in winter. Nice hot springs, good scenery, and about a 3-hour drive too.

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The Ryukyu nation, but more so the small islands.

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Something that soothe me such as nature park or countryside. When I first visited a dam, which situated at Chichibu city, Saitama, I was so impressed by the magnificent view of the lake and surrounding mountains. Also, the temperature is a little lower than that of the city, though it soon reaches above 30℃. Such area is well maintained for visitors so some restaurants are open there, and many people living in urban areas often go to the places such as Disney Land or other exciting ones, so the dam areas are not so crowded. I highly recommend this.

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Maybe I was spoiled. I used to spend a lot of time in company training centers. These were often in fairly remote locations. I always feel it isn't difficult in Japan to "get away".

No exact locations (otherwise it might not be a getaway anymore), but parts of Yamaguchi-ken and Wakayama-ken have been best for me. I think others will have their own favorites. (But I also enjoy getting away in the heart of Osaka.)

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I personally just enjoy riding my bike along any beautiful stretch of highway, especially that coastal highway in Enoshima in Kanagawa. It's cheaper and more fun that going to a therapist or the izakaya in my opinion.

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When feeling rich, Ishigaki. When not, Noto Hanto or pretty much anywhere along the Japan Sea. We go camping, so the cost of accom is not a problem.

There are lots of multiday hikes in the mountains I'd like to do. I'd like to go bicycle touring too, but both of these would mean leaving the family behind. Maybe in a few years' time.

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Since I already live in an area people sometimes come to get away from the city. I often visit Kyoto city, Kyoto Tango Hanto, Ise and Shima in Mie, Sado Shima, and Nagano city. I really want to visit Akita, Iwate, Aomori and Hokkaido someday.

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No exact locations (otherwise it might not be a getaway anymore)

Good point. I've been lucky to travel in this great land for years and there are so many fantastic places to get away from it all.

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Interesting that so many people choose Okinawa. I've been in Japan since 1976 and settled in Okinawa about 15 years ago. This is easily the best part of Japan to live it for us. We love it here. We have a gorgeous view of the ocean from the veranda, rent is cheap, food is cheap and this may be the only place in Japan where you can get real cheese!

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(Posted the above before finishing it.) So, we don't feel the need to go anywhere to get away from things. Just walk along the beach, go for a drive, meet friends, take the dog for a walk. Love Okinawa!

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Luckily Japan has onsens.However, having experienced a two month salary deficit and a desire not to travel during a pandemic then anything I do is very local.

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