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What are some of your favorite holiday spots where you go to beat the heat in Japan?


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I go to London. Off soon.

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My living room, with the AC at a mild 23 degrees

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The supermarket. Fabulous AC everywhere.

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I embrace the suck and go to Okinawa or the Izu islands.

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My living room, with the AC at a mild 23 degrees

If you had said 18 degrees, I would've helped you out with a thumbs up.

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AC is part of the problem in city heat islands, not part of the solution.

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A quiet stretch of river in the mountains just outside Tokyo. But I ain't telling you where it is.

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We've luckily got a place at Naeba Ski resort. Nobody is ever there in the summer save for the Fuji Rock Festival so its nice to enjoy a long weekend or a few days off up there here and there. Quick drive down to get groceries and some good local restaurants.

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AC is part of the problem in city heat islands

Without it, 100s of thousands, if not millions, of people would die in Tokyo every summer of heat-related illnesses. The solution is to put dense greenery in as many places as possible, as the Singaporeans have done, and reduce population growth.

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Sometimes the local mall in Tokyo. Unlike malls in the US, Japanese malls have very good food courts with a variety of Japanese and ethnic foods. My favorite mall in Kawasaki has an excellent Korean food stall with great reimen.

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Shirahama in Izu. Nothing but bikini babes, beach, boomboxes, booze and beer. What else do you need?

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