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What are some of your favorite Japanese snacks or sweets?


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Mister Donut, their coffee is the best.

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Angel Pie by Morinaga, the bigger, regular sized ones. Very delicious and quite addictive, but also very difficult to find in the supermarket shelves. Maybe, they should produce some more...lol

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If we're talking "Japanese" Japanese sweets & snacks, those yatsuhashi things from Kyoto are pretty good. And those karinto brown sugar snacks from Okinawa are delicious.

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Yatsuhashi - both the soft triangles and the crackers, a e lovely.

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Calbee crisps are pretty agreeable, those sweet potato hot drinks from the machines are great around this time of year.

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Grilled Sweet Potato. I can eat it everyday. Try it with Kewpie mayo, it's heavenly

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Yatsuhashi, definitely.

Also kuri manju, kuri daifuku (I like chestnuts, can you tell?), okara chips, imo kenpi.

I was with Toshihiro and his grilled sweet potatoes until he put mayo on them.

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kyushubillToday  08:40 am JST

Mister Donut, their coffee is the best.

You're on the money about most things, but on Mr Donuts coffee we can't agree ;-)

Their donuts are pretty good, though.

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Taiyaki! You can never go wrong with a fresh warm one with a glass of milk or a savory one with potato and onions.

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Mine is the old fashion Dango Mochi and Dorayaki.

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Grilled Sweet Potato. I can eat it everyday. Try it with Kewpie mayo, it's heavenly

Mmmm. Sounds divine. Love the sweet potato, hot or cold. The latter with a scoop of ice cream is well tasty!

Incidentally, I can't get my head why anyone would downvote people and their snack/drink preferences. Politics, sure... but food? Bizarre!

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