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What are some of your favorite Japanese snacks or sweets?


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Black Thunder and Kare-pan.

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takoyaki and onigiri. I'm a bit of a chowhound, these are just snacks for me.

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Those spicy Calbee chips are nice. Pocky and the Panda cookies are fun too. Oh and all the mad Kit Kat flavors they put out are interesting to try.

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Takoyaki is a great choice, Toshihiro. Thanks for reminding me.

Roll cake.

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Senbei, Maccha flavored ice cream, Manju, konbini Nikuman, Famichiki (konbini fried chickens), Potato fries with nori, fruits Kanten, konbini oden, fruits flavored yoghurts etc...

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Anything macha can go in the bin. Calbee chips are great and Japanese chocolate is top rate too. But to be quite honest nothing come close to the exceedingly good cakes made by one UK maker.

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Black Thunder is really good and makes a great gift to bring back overseas. Chip Star Nori Shio is another guilty pleasure.

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Kurikinton and any other cakes with chestnuts.

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Shigekix are great and always put the so-called "sour" candies at home to shame.

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Nori-shio potato chips with sesame seed oil. They come out with this for a limited time only but these are freaking delicious!

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Yatsu Hashi and Nama Yatsu Hashi

Not really a snack but Hori 551 Butaman. As well as Oyaki from Nagano Ken.

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As well as Oyaki from Nagano Ken.

I will second that one, especially when done on an open fire.

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The salty snacks are too sweet and the sweet treats are bland and lack that butter-sugar punch. Regular potato chips are pretty hard to mess up that, but they somehow manage it with flavorless potatoes.

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Christ on a moped.

The only Japanese 'snack' worth mentioning is senbei, which in and enclosed space,smells like unwashed undergarments.

Pizza is a snack in developed countries

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Well so okay maybe their potato chips don't measure up but they have elevated shave ice (kakigori) and the parfait (check out some of the shops in the Meguro area) to an art form, and some places (obviously not the ones doing corn mayonaise) do a great pizza.

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I tried mochi its yummy. Id give my voice for dorayaki, yokan, takosen and fried rice onigiri, and anything of\with chestnuts, just looking at them lets you know they are good.

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fridge cooled Angel Pie (you won't stop eating until package is empty lol)

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Mr Kipling can send his matcha treats my way. Matcha is my number one preference.

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Calbee Ume flavored potato chips, custard filled Taiyaki,

and nutty Manju...

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Some snacks aren't particularly Japanese, but if they are available in an izakaya I consider them Japanese snacks or sweets.

With beer: Edamame, sembei, karaage, potato salad, bacon, shishito, grilled piman, cheese, dark chocolate, sausages, kushikatsu, any sort of nuts, tsukemono, gyoza, fried potato, yakitori, probably missing out on some hall of famers but th

With wine: microwave cheese fondue, cheese, sashimi, sausages, fresh and dried fruit, tomatoes.

With sake: dried squid in most forms, sashimi, cheese again, tsukemono, shio butter mushrooms, fried mushrooms, fried squid, anything with shiso or ooba in it.

Whisky: dark chocolate or fruit.

Highball: absolutely anything.

I love takoyaki, okonomiyaki, yakisoba etc but don't find they go particularly well with alcohol. A screaming cold glass of coke to go with piping hot takoyaki is always good though, and of course beer would be fine but I wouldn't insist on it. All these aren't hard and fast rules of course. These best alcohol and snacks are always whatever is free, followed by whatever is on hand, followed by this list.

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Warm Shirako on toasted France Pan

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Cheese Umaibo and Black Thunder.

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Kaki no tane with a cold Asahi draft.

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