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What are some of your favorite places in Japan to view the autumn foliage?



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There are many nice parks not too far from where I live. That's where I go, although Koyo is not really something I care about too much

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Bishimondo on the eastern side of Kyoto. Absolutely stunning when the leaves are peak orange or red. Temple itself is orange so it’s super vibrant and not in the main city proper so less tourists

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Shosenkyo in Yamanashi is a nice one, and doable as a day trip from Tokyo. At the end, keep on walking (or take a bus) to the Arakawa Dam and walk around the lake there. Very beautiful with the fall colors.

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Ichoo-dori was lovely today in the afternoon sunshine; the Ginkgo trees are half-way between light green-yellow and dark gold...

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Koshien Stadium watching the Tiger win the series.

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Anywhere not crowded.

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