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What are some of your favorite places in Japan to view the beautiful autumn foliage?


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Lake Shibire in Yamanashi Prefecture, if you're sitting lakeside, it looks like you're surrounded by colorful gold, orange and yellow banners. But any countryside road that passes through forested areas is beautiful in its own right in my opinion.

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The Fuji five-lakes and Nikko are both beautiful at this time of year.

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My back yard from the comfort of my sitting room with a single malt.

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Okutma, west Tokyo.

Bunch of us did a cycle around there some years back, hired the bikes from a Scottish fella, saw the sights and retired to an onsen afterwards.

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I'm with Bill, my favourite place is at home. Second favourite is Otari Onsen, in the north-east corner of Nagano. It has a beautiful mountain lake and Amakazari-yama, one of the hyakumeizan mountains.


If you do not have room for a tree, you can still get very vibrant colour from a number of widely available bushes, like nishikigi ("burning bush") and douden-tsutsuji (tsutsuji is "azelea", but I think this is something else. It has small white bell-shaped flowers like a blueberry). Both of these go maple-in-Kyoto red.

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Anywhere in Tohoku Region

But nowadays, people edit their pictures too much that either looks too beautiful or just fake, so you have to visit there yourself and explore the true beauty of the nature.

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These days?? YouTube.

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