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What are some of your favorite places in Japan to view the beautiful autumn foliage?


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Kishiwada in Osaka.

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Kyoto if you get it at the right time is hard to beat. Gunma has some pretty nice areas as well which is not to far from Tokyo.

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My house has a nice Japanese maple tree in the yard so I don't have to go anywhere anymore.

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Too many to count. Just like Canada's eastern provinces and what the US refers to as New England. But, that said, I'll go with the northern area of Honshu and almost all of Hokkaido. Been there, done that. All of them. Nothing like watching Mother Nature oversee her creations go to sleep for a few months.

@NOMINATION, I have one of those trees, too. Right now, it's a brilliant scarlet, and I love it.

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any countryside forest(y) mountain road during the autumn is a great sight to be honest. I enjoy them most especially when riding a bike, the leaves crunching under your tires, the sound of dry leaves rustling, the tea, red and orange shades of the scenery. just magical.

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As a keen cyclist with a love of the sensual, I say Toshihiro wins the internet.

I'm inspired to dig out my mountain bike and head for the trails. Thanks!

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Time to fire up my KTM-350 and take in the autumn foliage while blazing the trails.

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Going to Hakone tomorrow. Hoping to see some beautiful tree foliage.

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