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What are some places off the beaten track in Japan that you would recommend to tourists?


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Iga and Nabari, Mie- birthplace of Ninjutsu

Yagyu cho- Nara City, Nara- Birthplace of the Yagyu clan

Togakushi Nagano- Birthplace of Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu and incredible Soba (only one tiny onsen though)

Shima Onsen- Nakanojo, Gunma (best onsen town I've been to)

Sekigahara, Gifu- Where Tokugawa fought his famous battle and united Japan

Seki, Gifu- Home of Japanese Swordmaking

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Without a doubt, Bounotsu (坊津) in the south-west corner of Kagoshima. It is so isolated you'll be the only one there and has a fascinating history of smuggling during the 鎖国 days. https://www.kagoshima-kankou.com/guide/53684

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Well it depends on your age group as a person in my 40s and who works in natural healing, meditation, yoga, and the Vedic sciences, which is why I chose where I live in Japan. My first recomendation is actually where I live.

能登半島 Noto Hantou, Suzu Rokkosaki Light house. This is one of the most northern points in Hokuriku area. On a clear day you can see Sadogashima, you can see the norther alps, and beautiful sea side cliffs. There is a very nice Minshuku in the area near Rokkosaki Lighthouse which is in walking distance called Noroshikan, I would recommend this is you like bed and breakfasts. They also have a small Onsen as well. Another great hotel to stay in the area is Lamp no Shuku.

Also on Noto Hanto, I would suggest Tsukumo Wan. Which is located in my town in Noto Chou. Its a great place where you can walk along a sea side path and see beautiful sea life as well as enjoy the crystial clear waters of Toyama Bay and on a clear day you can also see five different prefectures, Niigata, Toyama, Gifu, Nagano Mt. Hakkoba from the Tateyama Renpo, and Nanao in Ishikawa.

Also near Tsukomowan you can also see a very large squid at Ikanoeki which has been one of the most popular destinations as of late.

Noto Hanto Continued. Senmaeda which is a nationally know rice field near the sea of Japan.

Noto Hanto is a very beautiful place if your interested in a less stressful life and into natural healing, just even visiting there and taking in its natural beauty you can really feel refreshed.

If you love Matsuri than the summer time is also a great time to Visit Noto Hanto, there are over 30 different Matsuri in all of Noto Hanto.

Aomori Hakkoda San, If your into touring on your motorcycle like me than Aomori Hakkoda San and Towada Ko are a great destination especially in the fall season.

Also in Aomori Iwaki Jinja. Iwaki Jinja is a great place, and Iwaki San is a fun climb if you like mountain climbing.

Aomori Shimokita Hanto. If you like temples on volcanos Osorezan is a great place to visit. Be careful not to take any of the Rocks from Osorezan home because there is a legand of bad luck on people how do.

Kyoto, Kyoto City off the beaten path 3条会商店街 Located between Horikawa Sanjou and Senbon Dori in Nakagyoku. Abenoseme Jinja located near Horkawa Imadagawa.

Tango Hanto, Miyazu Shi, Amanohashidate is a great place to walk.

Kyoto Fukuchiyama Jou this is a small castle located in Fukuchiyama, great place to see the cherry blossoms in Spring. Also Fukuchiyama Onsen, I have been there many times great place.

I can sit here for days an write about how many places I have been over the past 16 years living here and Japan has so many off the beaten path places that are easily accessible if you have a car or are very interested in Bike touring. Some of these places are accessible by public transportation like train but take time to get there.

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One aspect of JToday I enjoy is hearing about other foreigners living in neat places in Japan. Being stuck in Tokyo for various reasons I certainly envy you all. I enjoy camping near the base of Mt. Fuji and onsen in Beppu, but these are rather well known.

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I had a really nice experience in Gujo Hachiman in Gifu Prefecture. They have an interesting variety of attractions - there*s a castle overlooking the city, there's a huge Bon Odori festival there every summer, and it's one of the top plastic replica food produces (the kind you see in showcases in front of restaurants) in the country and they have a museum and workshop where you can make your own. It's also famous for very pristine water, with lots of little canals running through the city, with wash basins and fountains everywhere which people use in their daily lives - washing vegetables, filling up water bottles, etc. Some nice local alcohol as well, made from the water. It's got a lot of unique things going on.

The problem is that it's a bit time-consuming and difficult to get to transportation-wise, which makes you wonder whether it's worth the total time investment for a small city. I wouldn't put it on a tourist's itinerary if they've only got one week in Japan, but for domestic tourism, or someone with more time for traveling? Definitely.

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MumbaiRocks!, if you're ever down in Kumamoto, let me know. I'll show you around.

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Sasagawa Nagare

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Any place far away from Tokyo, Kobe/Osaka/Kyoto, Yokohama, and Nagoya.

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The southern-central part of Fukushima, where there are very few people but tons of nature and old-style culture. You'll definitely need a car.

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