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What are some tips for keeping motivated if you're in a repetitive job, doing the same thing all day every day?


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I’d be happy with a dull, repetitive job instead of the endless round of crises and sugar-storms that this place provides me....

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Having a passion outside of work and something to look forward to each day after finishing work helps big time. Or spend all your downtime at work looking for another job, helps too

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Reading the pearls of wisdom on JT.

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Booze, cigarettes, canned coffee, pachinko. That's all a man needs.

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Many years ago I thought that I had a dull and repetitive job, but then I visited one of our factories and saw what people did on the production line and realised that what I saw as repetitive, was not at all relative to the poor sods on the factory floor.

Count your blessings!

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I used to work in a recycling plant sorting paper and crushing cardboard. It was dull but found ways to make it better. I set goals to beat, found new songs that match the pace of my work, divided work up into sets to see if a similar set would appear again within the hour, and most importantly, asked to be rotated out every few hours to doing a different (monotonous) task. It can be done, but personally is not something I would want to do long term.

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Naps, lots of naps.

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Agree with Zichi, there's nothing like being chased by the fear of going hungry and going broke to keep you going. In my case, just try to spice things up at work (if possible at your workplace: decorate your space, create friendly challenges for yourself or with your co-workers, etc.) If that's not possible, change up your daily routine like waking up earlier, trying new commuting routes, eating different foods, exercising before or after work (I strongly recommend this one).

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If it's dull and repetitive, most people would say quit. Another approach, maybe better for most people, is to make the job interesting. Many jobs that people are say are dull and repetitive are actually that way because the person doing the job makes it that way.

Find ways to make the job better, and quite often that results in a more interesting job. Put some theatre into the job, step up service, or find ways to make the whole process more efficient. Whatever the result, that's certainly better than being turned into a zombie.

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Hunger and debt always keeps people motivated.

works for me

Booze, cigarettes, canned coffee, pachinko. That's all a man needs.


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Just DO whatever is in front of you, in PRESENT TIME. It isn't repetitive if you just do it. It's only repetitive if you THINK about it. Don't think. Just DO!

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98% job in this world is repetitive

Security is the most boring job followed by factory work.

Nursing & HouseKeeping tough job for females.

IT job is dull.

Best are farmers and creative jobs.

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I only work to earn money. I don't understand the concept of being "fulfilled" at work. My boss often asks me what my ambitions/motivations are. Of course, I invent some nonsense to appease him, but I am only thinking "to earn enough money to have a decent life".

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We go to work to get cash, That's all. But you have to pretend you would give up your life for your company.........

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