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What are the pros and cons of changing jobs during a pandemic?


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the fact that foreigners are not being allowed into the country means there is a struggle to find people to work. So hopefully wages will rise. that's hopefully a pro.

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depends up to person and situation.

its hard to generalize.

some people have lost jobs as companies have closed business,others are just tired work for same money/or even less/ as covid may be good universal excuse for company owners to not rise salaries or even cut those-so some people want just get new job.

in other hand since many foreigners who had plan to come here and work under so called working holiday visa program are forced out of their travel so there may be some shortage for low paid entry level jobs...

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Pros: potential career growth, new skills, new friends, new start and a potentially bigger salary

Cons: the learning curve will likely be longer since you're probably going to work from home or at the office for a limited time, making friends with new coworkers is also tougher since social distancing won't allow for socializations as they would before, and lastly and most importantly, the stress levels are going to be higher since you're already dealing with a lot during this pandemic that isn't work-related and you will have to deal with being in a new job.

I know these because I just started my second job out of college (after staying at my first for 5.5 years) just this month, i feel like a fish out of water and the adjustment for me is tough, but not impossible.

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New opportunities. I see lots of new openings in the areas of AI and data compliance for example.

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If you're lucky, you might get a fresh start. There's a shortage of foreign talent in Japan now that the borders are closed, for how long we don't know; but that means that you can cash in on the potential job openings that need to be filled.

Cons may include trickiness in negotiating salary since many businesses are struggling in this pandemic. Job security may also not be that stable. You're probably going to pile on more stress as well since you'll be learning the ropes of a new job instead of just going through the motions if you stayed at your previous one.

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