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What are your favorite memories of Muhammad Ali?


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(As related in a later TV Interview)

Ali: (In a pre-civil rights restaurant): I'll have the fried chicken.

Waiter: Sorry sir, we don't serve Negroes.

Ali: I don't want a Negro. I want some fried chicken.

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'Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee'

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This was kinda funny. Ali was mostly quiet.


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Him being floored by Henry Cooper in 1963.

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So many things to love about Ali. I always liked the back and forth playfullness between Ali and Howard Cosell. There will never be another Ali. No one in the entertainment industry today even approaches what he did. Feel bad for the youth of today. So few great role models.

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As Cassius Clay, Ali travelled to the 1960 Rome Games to compete in the light heavyweight division. Despite being only 18, he won all four of his fights easily. In the final he defeated three-time European champion Zbigniew Pietrzykowski to win the gold medal

.>In 1996, Ali was chosen to light the flame during the Opening Ceremony of the Atlanta Olympic Games. He has devoted much of his life to humanitarian affairs. In 1998 Ali was honoured with the United Nations Messenger of Peace award. At the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, Muhammad Ali was chosen to carry the Olympic flag.

To be a gold medal Olympian and then be able to give back is probably his greatest achievement.

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At least he wasn't afraid to mix it up like Mayweather

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Walking around the coliseum he beat Frazier

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Was never fond of him.

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