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What are your fondest childhood memories of Christmas?


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My Grandmother visiting, saw her once a year every Xmas.

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My first Christmas away from home. Didn't have to deal with psychotic relatives and two faced cousins. Didn't have to hear dad curse for hours from the stress decorating.

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Man, someone down voted Grandma, that is brutal, but she was a wonderful person and would get a chuckle I am sure.

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Going outside to fill a shoe box with grass to put it under my bed before sleeping. To then waking up and finding the camels ate the grass and left gifts instead.

In my hometown we had two Christmas days. One on the 25th. The other on Jan 6th, when we celebrate the Three Kings Day. Story goes that the camels the Three Kings (that brought presents to baby Jesus) are hungry, so kids leave grass for them under their beds. Camels eat it and the kings leave presents in return.

Also, if I wanted a present from my aunt and uncle, I had to go their house before the 6th of Jan so I could leave a box filled with grass under their Xmas tree. Which now I think it was good coz that made me go see them and spend time with them more than once during Xmas.

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Decorating the tree in shorts (very warm where I come from) and driving around town with the family on Christmas Eve to see all the lights.

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I have a lot actually. Attending the last day of school and having a party before we go on break, buying our Christmas ham from a shop my family buys from for generations (the smell of the shop just sets the mood for it). Getting my first Voltes V action figure at age 5 on Christmas day.

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My first christmas as a kid with my mom and aunt fighting over whether to put Santa or a star on the top of the tree until my other aunt pointed out that we were lacking a star so what's the point of arguing. Ever since that Christmas I have always insisted on Santa on top of the tree.

I got a clarinet for christmas that year and my mom and aunts would constantly read how the grinch stole christmas and they promised to make me "rare who roast beast" which is something the Whos ate in the book. I got roast beef and was told that was what the Whos were eating.

It was a magic christmas. Shame we can't recapture the magic of childhood which is why I want this time to be amazing for my kids. I want to pass on the magic to them no matter how temporary it is

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As a kid, when I got a SNES with Legend of Zelda. What a great time to be alive.

These days I wouldn't care if I never got a christmas gift again, I just want to spend time with my friends and family. And of boxing day competing with my brothers and cousin to see who will finish their slab of beers first.

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Putting out a glass of whisky and a mince pie for Santa and a carrot for Rudolf before going to bed.

Standing with my brothers at the top of the stairs at three in the morning while Dad went down to look round the living room door to 'see if Santa has been yet'. He never came before six.

When our kids were little and we were visiting my Dad in the UK, one of Dad's friends popping round on his way to a works party a couple of days before Christmas, dressed as Santa. Kids duly gobsmacked. Back in Japan they told all their little friends they had met The Real English Santa, and He Was Real and He Was Friends with their Granddad.

I love Christmas.

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Volunteer to drop by as Santa this year then @cleo 1:59pm: Putting out a glass of whisky and a mince pie for Santa” -

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*Volunteer to drop by as Santa this year then *@cleo


Don't forget to bring the big sack of goodies, mind.

I wanna Pelaton, a rice cooker, a pair of diamond earrings (not too gaudy) and box of chocolates.

Please. I've been very good all year, honest.

Mr. cleo would like a new car, I think.

And don't forget the indestructible chew toys for the dogs, they've been really good.

We haven't got a chimney so you'll have to come through the front door. Remember to ring the bell first (or use magic?), or the dogs will get you.

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I dropped Christmas decades ago so not that many memories from (my) childhood TBH, but...

I think 5 years ago I was approached ("coerced" more like it lol) by a friend about taking up the role of a Santa in a local pre/primary school. To be brutally honest, I tried to wiggle myself out of it but...didn't suceed lol.

For personal and professional reasons I was back then at my lowest point in life so "what the heck" I thought.

The teachers and PTA prepared everything and did ask if I could answer questions from the children in a foreign language (The teachers prepared the answers.). I am a native French speaker but know a local dialect and used that one while a teacher would "translate" for the kids.

The kids were already on high tension why I came on stage (so was I...).

When I started to speak in dialect, all kids went silent then went completely ballistic: What did he say?? I don't get it?? What language is that?? Then suddenly: IT'S THE REAL SANTA!!!!!!! A crowd of 200 kids went completely bonkers!

The final me me passing presents to give to each of the the kids. 200 smiles from one ear to another, 200 thank yous, a LOT of hugs. They believed in Santa and I believed in Christmas too. Somehow these kids "saved" me that year.

Since then I'm always looking forward to my yearly half-day special "gig". (Currently on hiatus for COVID-reasons). I intend to do it as long as I can and as long as the kids like it.

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My best Christmas memories was being permitted to accompany my dad to his job office at Christmas eve when I was a kid. He worked as a tallyman in a warehouse at Hamburg port and showed me all the goods he took care of - from untoasted coffee beans to Persian carpets, Indian tea, Chinese silk, African cocoa and even dried plants from Australia. For a little kid it was Wonderland - I got to meet people from all over the world and when we came home the Christmas tree had already been decorated and shiny in the living room.

A day of wonder!

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Grew up in the extreme countryside, Christmas Eve after a long session on strong cider, I didn't make it home but ended up sleeping in a barn. I woke up with 6 tiny white kittens snuggling up for warmth. Not usually a big fan of cats but they were cute.

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At 7 years old being given one of the two legs of a 24 pound turkey. Scooping mashed potatoes and gravy onto my plate, gorging myself and going to lay down on my grandparents' sofa, leaving the other two dozen family and special guests to finish their meals. An hour later, returning to the dining room after my nap and watching my grandfather and an uncle play Canasta at one end of a now empty and cleaned off (except for the linen) 20-foot table. All the womenfolk cleaning up in the kitchen, a few inebriated elderly people slumped in the easy chairs.

Life was good.

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That's a really nice story.

Lots of nice stories in here, very heartwarming!

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Having my Aunt Jenna visit. She was quite buxom and wore a short miniskirt.

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food,drinks,atmosphere.visit of church at christmas Eve midnight.our national folk traditions,songs.classic christmas movies.

many of these missing in Japan as here Christmas is just another business sale event.no related to religion or even culture.

so trying make some food at least,having christmas tree at home.since church faraway from us we pray at home at Christmas eve all family members.100% will call to my elderly relatives in home country.

have a blessed ones everyone!

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