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What are your fondest childhood memories of Christmas?


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Waking up expectantly in the morning on Christmas Day and finding presents at the bottom of the bed. Father Christmas, as he was to us, had been.

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I had this stereotypical step-father. We were happy if we got through the day without punishment or a spanking or a slap-down. Not that going down and finding even more presents under the tree than there were the day before wasn't exciting, but we had to tip-toe around him, too, to make it a good day. You might as well ask me what are my fondest memories of Tuesdays.

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every year of my last day in grade and high school before the Christmas break were the best! The day after that, my family would always visit the Christmas-themed attractions in the city and would buy our ham on that day. Good times!

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Going through the house with my brother and sister trying to find where Mom and Dad hid the presents from "Santa." Always found a few before the big day.

Not really the fondest, but one year I woke up and went down to the living room BEFORE my parents had put out Santa's presents. Absolutely heartbroken and started to cry so loud I woke everyone up. Luckily for me Santa came after I went back to sleep.

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Smoking doobies with my Uncle Bub down by the Chelsea Wharf in Baltimore.

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spending the holidays (Christmas and New Year) with my parents and grand parents. There were presents of course, lots of food, and many people visiting, but the family atmosphere of that one week of holidays will always be one of my fondest memories of childhood.

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Not childhood, but one year while in college I went for a walk and ran into a friend from high school. We talked as we walked back to her place where we drank eggnog, talked about her future, and a bit about me. Good time, relaxing and comfortable.

It was only when I got home did I realize it was Christmas Eve.

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Lunging for the stockings that hung at the foot of our beds when we first woke up because we knew there'd be chocs in there and it was the only time we were allowed to have sweets for breakfast.

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Walking to the back of the farm to find the perfect tree. Watching my Dad climb up and saw it off. The dragging it back to the house and trimming it

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Standing at the top of the stairs with my brothers at 4 in the morning every year, while Dad crept downstairs 'to see if he's been yet'.

He never came before 7, so we always had to go back to bed for a few more hours.

When I was older, staying up late on Christmas Eve helping my parents set up a model train set for my kid brother, who still believed in Father Christmas. Or pretended he did, anyway.

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Watching father deal with the Christmas tree lights, a Christmas heirloom passed down, every light had to be checked screwed in to make a circuit.

Father would lay them out on the floor and religiously check each one.

He would flinch at the electric shocks, Mother would pretend not to laugh, as he twitched in time to Paul Mac's "Wonderful Christmas Time".

Once on the tree they all when out.

Best dad in the world, still at heart a loony electrician.

There was a point when I thought his eyes would luminate.

Still my favourite Christmas memories was watching day electrocute himself.

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Their no evidence Jesus was born on the 25th,it origin is in pagan worship of the winter solistic,I which people say it a great time since we have nothing else going on in our lives,let just eat drink and get merry ,but a good time for redemption to show mercy and charity to the less fortunate, something everyone can agree on this time if the year

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Mine is the same as Moonraker.

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Their no evidence Jesus was born on the 25th,it origin is in pagan worship of the winter solistic

I bet you are fun at parties.

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For my brother and me it must have been counting down the days from the beginning of December as the present pile grew under the tree, and opening the advent calendar windows in the meantime. Christmas morning was torture as we woke up in the dark and the time seemed to move so slowly.

Then someone set the rules, my older brother(?) that we could only open the presents after we'd been to church, and the great aunt had come round to visit, and then having had lunch...

Now I wish I could have shown my parents how much I loved and appreciated them...

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Weinacthsmarkt, was always fun with good memories.

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Like most, waking up to presents at the bottom of the bed. Handing round the presents (still think it was a trick of my parent to get me practicing my reading) and opening my own. My mother and grandmother putting the Turkey on to cook (sometime around March my brother claimed and the Brussel sprouts about October).

One odd memory from when I was very young, of sitting at the end of a long dining table and watching a strange man at the other end with a luminous red nose, he was their each Christmas but I never saw him the rest of the year. Years later I discovered he was the brother of my Grandfather’s first (dead) wife. My grandmother didn’t approve of him he “drank cider” and she was very anti alcohol (her father was an alcoholic) but he was invited every Christmas until he died.

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