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What are your plans for Golden Week?


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Add some happiness to my life.

Top it off with being better to those around me.

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sleep in and call my family back home

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My plans?

Not sure yet.

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Spending time in forests and mountains as far away from the crowds as possible.

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Ge the hot tub and bbq going as much as possible.

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I think I'll go to an aquarium.

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Some cross-country cycling & sightseeing in the nearby prefectures around Kyoto. Taking in the aquariums, museums and possibly some art exhibits. Visiting with friends and acquaintances. Grilling out real hamburgers. Generally, sharing some actual happiness in a post-Covid world.

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travel with family enjoy any single moment together.

get away from daily routines and fake news.

simply-be off 100%

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Simply "not working" is bliss to me. I don't need to go anywhere or do anything special. I will be in the garden, BBQing, doing some planting, drinking beer, and staying far, far away from people/traffic/noise. Japan is so noisy!

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silicone caulking the crack around the house between the foundation and exterior walls. Found a nice ant party yesterday after breaking off the clay border the builders used to cover it up along with 30 spider nests. Finish tiling the ceiling to my shower build. Researching small powerful lift motors, like a winch, to raise and lower a home dehumidifier up from the crawl space to the first floor cuz they don’t sell crawl space dehumidifiers in Japan. Finish installing and wiring the crawl space vents, blowing out.

looking forward to all of it.

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Sorry, those are not the kind of guests anyone wants GW @FizzBit.- Only 8% of ants have wings, the smaller pair in back. Check immediately the antennae and if the 2 pair of wings are relatively the same size and hope they’re not may be wood-eating insects. Costs us a big repair in one corner of the house and bath. Plus, the workmen took their own 4-day holiday mid project.

*- @11:04am: “Found a nice ant party yesterday after breaking off the clay border the builders used to cover it up along with 30 spider nests.” -*

Best to You and keep us posted.

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Same as every holiday on every year.


Nothing particularly exciting, always one of the busiest seasons for us.

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Saving the last money for the things to come that all those crazy great world leaders have still prepared and in store for us.

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Mostly cleaning up the backyard and getting things planted in the garden, mostly tomatoes, potatoes, beans, squash. Food prices are skyrocketing so trying to plant as much food as possible so I don't have to buy it at the store. Maybe do some off-grid camping if I get the garden stuff done.

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Working for the most part. Being self-employed, we take time off and travel at other times the year to avoid the holiday crush.

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I usually stay of the roads and public transport.

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Part of the time will be spent helping son get sorted in his new flat, the rest of the time will probably be on the allotment, planting stuff like Kumagaijin and hopefully harvesting lots of strawberries and asparagus.

Apart from the staples, I like to grow stuff not readily available in the shops here - rhubarb, parsnips, leeks, multicoloured carrots, trying kohl rabi for the first time this year.

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Be volunteer and help those in need by teaching good lesson or plan to develop some little things like putting a light pole at poor village and visit animal shelter to organize more open space for the animals.

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I plan to Get Wild like every year . Have a golden week!

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Barbecue with the fam and just have a good time.

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I shall be spending the week with my good friend Johnnie Walker at home as the wife and kids skip off to see granny and grandpa in Kagoshima.

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Watch the Covid rates start to go up again... errr... I guess that'll be a few days to a week later.

No big plans. I hate the throngs of people traveling places, so I'll just hang out in my town or go to a neighboring city, take some walks if the weather's nice, do some work at home, catch up on some binge watching.

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