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What aspects of Japanese history, culture, lifestyle and tradition do you think will be showcased in the opening ceremony for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?


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Anime, hello kitty, four seasons, in terms of history anything that shows japan as a victim, idol music. The things they want the world to know about japan

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Taking a guess, it'll be something like Japan's uniqueness as an insular nation, with its long unique history blessed with a unique samurai culture and ancient flowery traditions in harmony with nature, which will undoubtedly translate into a message to the world that pleads, "so please welcome to Tokyo, dear foreigners from the outside world, and enjoy the unique, warm hospitality of Reiwa Nippon, the advanced Asian country on its unique, historic journey to the future and beyond!

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Such wonderful bitter comments to start Saturday with!

Will be a GREAT opening ceremony, celebrating the very best of Japan - Past,Future and Present. Watched by an audience of Billions around the World, with the excellent coverage that NBC will farm out to the broadcasters - it will signal the return of Japan being a major business and tourist destination once the Pandemic has been dealt with. Watch this space next Spring.

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I'm sure the ceremony has changed a lot since the pre-pandemic planning. At that time, there was talk of a simulated meteor show created by satellites in space.

I'd love to see the ceremony start with 500 taiko drummers. I remember just the two drummers playing before each Rugby World Cup match and it was thrilling. Difficult to say how the ceremony will be toned down due to corona.

I'll definitely tune in on TV for part of the opening ceremony, though not all 3-4 hours of it.

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Well, previously I wouldn't have thought this but now with Bach's little PR stunt involving Hiroshima, I suspect we will be hearing or seeing a lot of "peaceful, peace loving, nuclear victim, Japan"

I was previously expecting it to be Tohoku disaster and recovery oriented with a plash of anime here, video games there and some bad J-pop to round things out!

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I was previously expecting it to be Tohoku disaster and recovery oriented

Toho-who? Sounds familiar.

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Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Mario, cherry blossom, sushi, kimono, katana, Kabuki, tea ceremony, flower arranging, origami, tatami, koto, shamisen, taiko, hot springs, temples, shrines, bonsai.

Mt Fuji.

Not necessarily in that order.

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Para Para performed by bunraku puppets

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OK, Perfume, Momoiro Clover Z, we could go on for ever.

Those two help with my weight loss

So a speak out......

What about the new non-binary, Utada Hikaru, in 2010 my Mum and Dad, as a birthday present , in the flesh. Islington, I had to sit on my dads shoulders.

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Whatever it is I have a feeling it's going to be extremely embarrassing, and something they look back on and get angry over the laughter.

If they could keep it simple, show off some modern culture known the world over -- anime, for example -- and the traditional (without playing into stereotypes the world sees Japan as already), they might pull off something nice and memorable. But, so far they have claimed the Olympics are about showing the world how Japan has recovered from the atomic bombings, then about how Japan has recovered from the 3/11 disasters, and now they are also saying it's a victory over the pandemic (which is still raging). So, I'm sure it's going to be all about Japan overcoming its many, many examples in history of victimhood.... oh... and the unique four seasons that only exist in Japan, of course.

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I don't mind the cultural intake whatever it may be, I just wish they would put some good old music in - some Wadaiko, Enka, Kayoukyoku, PYG... bring Julie in and I would even watch it!

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The original plan, which looked pretty good, was scrapped after the Games were cancelled last year:


A new version was created, apparently with "suggestions" from politicians such as Suga, Mori and Koike. Good luck with that.

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Depends who planned it as to just how excruciatingly embarrassing it will be. Rio was dreadful, London wasn’t all bad just a fair bit, Beijing was so precisely drilled as to be scary!

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I hope it would entail Japanese traditional music, not idols. Then eventually bridge it with the Wagakki band, then bridge that with modern favourites. You could have a shamisen traverse the ages and change with the times. Recall that opening ceremonies are presented like a story so that would work beautifully

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Anime and manga, of course.

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From cleo’s list I can’t wait to see origami, tatami and the whole Mt. Fuji in that stadium. ROFL

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From cleo’s list I can’t wait to see origami, tatami and the whole Mt. Fuji in that stadium. ROFL

Tatami is easy; the folk showing off shamisen, koto, flower arranging, tea ceremony etc., will do it on tatami.

I predict a huge origami crane making an appearance. Probably folded by a bunch of kiddies dressed in kimono before, during or after they demonstrate their skills with spinning tops, kendama and other traditional toys.

Not sure how they’ll show Mt Fuji, but you can bet the farm it will be in there somewhere somehow. In some form or other. Maybe a hologram?

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