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What behavior or habits by passengers on planes bother you the most?


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The person in front of me reclining the seat. Last time I flew home, I went with Turkish airlines and the seats did not recline, which I thought was a great improvement.

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If a reclining seat in front of you is a problem, that is the responsibility of the airline which ordered that squished-up specification. At mealtimes the stewards will ask people to sit upright; I am not happy when they (rarely) forget to check.

Generally things are acceptable, considering that an aircraft cabin is such an unnatural space. I carry noise-cancelling headphones for those crying babies or loud passengers. I do not like people who have not taken any medication for an obvious cold, or those who open their shade when everyone is asleep, inconsiderately flooding the cabin with bright light.

I have heard many stories of foul-mouthed, drunken and rowdy nightmare passengers going on holiday and causing misery for everyone else, both fellow passengers and staff. That would bother me.

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Passengers who are already drunk when they board the plane; when the person in the seat behind me kicks the back of my seat for whatever reason; passengers who bring too much carry-on baggage (I wish airlines would be more strict on this at the boarding gate).

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Reclining their seat. The only thing that causes more flights on a plane is alcohol.

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Many airlines have touch screens behind the top of the seat in front of you. I guess it is common sense, but usually the person behind me bangs it for several minutes to find a program or something instead of gently tapping it.

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Fat people taking up too much space.

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Talking very loudly

Kicking the chair

People not sitting at the aisle but boards at the very last minute and was obviously shopping

People who don't follow rules and tries to stand and walk during take off and landing

People who are obviously very sick but do not wear a mask
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People behind me who object to me reclining in my seat. If the seat reclines, you're entitled to recline, period, and I don't mind the person in front reclining, unless at mealtimes.

The space taken up by angled seatback is space the person doesn't use, anyway. So they can keep their mouths shut or fly business class.

People who bring excess carryon, which they place in the overhead space above my seat.

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Idiots behind you, weather you're seat is declined or not, who pull on the back of your seat to lift themeselves up to get out. Doesn't have to be fat, just inconsiderate. I had to remind a jerk of this on our last flight.

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Not being able to take off because the Japanese passengers ignored the instructions not to go to the toilet when the seatbelt sign was on. Seriously, they all got up just as they were told not to.

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A down arrow.

Must be some fat people here who can't lift themselves out of their own chair and think that pulling on the head rest of the chair in front of you is OK manners

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Nothing really bothers me. As long as the pilots get us to our destination, I'm happy.

Possibly peeved by those who complain about babies, other nationalities and overweight people.

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I have no problem with people reclining. If I want to myself I'd like to think the person behind me doesn't have a problem either. But if a person behind me asks me not to do it I won't.

@Fizzbit - agree that gets annoying... The grabbing the back of the seat thing. If it's just a couple of times I'm not too bothered but consistently through a flight and I hate it. Often that's brought on by people in an aisle seat next to them who make it difficult to pass.

The main thing is... be courteous!!

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The grabbing the back of the seat thing

Exactly! It's selfish behavior. The fact that my comment gets a down arrow tells its own story. Fat and selfish people.

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Travel by business class, much more relaxing. I always use business class for my fairly frequent business trips and nearly always for private trips too. Don't ever have any problems with anyone else.

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Travel by business class, 

Now why didn't I think of that solution?

Than kyou for sharing this tip with us - and it doesn't make you look like a massive show off.

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People constantly kicking the back of my seat really gets on my nerves. I just don't understand - I myself never manage to do this constantly to the person in front of me. And when people are getting to the seat behind me, I wished they would stop holding onto the head of my seat and jolting it.

That's why I tend to choose seats with nobody behind them. I don't care if it's near the bogs. If there are bacteria from the bogs, then the whole cabin will get them, so it makes no difference.

Yeah, I'd like to travel by business class too. Anybody want to pay for my upgrade? (Because I don't have a money tree).

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