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What can be done to reduce bullying at schools?


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First, stop dismissing the problem with the old "kids will be kids" excuses, and make everyone understand that bullying has long term consequences.

Second, teacher need to step up when they see or suspect bullying in their school.

Third, there need to be real punishment for the bullies. And I'm not talking about a slap on the wrist. Permanent exclusion pure and simple. No need to let kids enter the premise of a school if they can't stop attacking others.

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Kick 'em out.

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As a parent of six and former school teacher I can tell you that you can never totally wipe out teasing. But you can minimize overt bullying.

You need the following strategies all working together.

1: Teaching children to value and love thier peers

2: Rewards for good behavior

3: Clear punishments for overt bullying well explained beforehand

4: Consistent enforcement of discipline for offenders

5: Teachers and parents to be united in tackling the issue.

It has worked for me and I'm sure it can work elsewhere.

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Tell the teachers to get harder with bullies. One day parents will take matters into their own hands

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always stand up to bullies.

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Right on, Wakarimasen, always stand up to bullies. I got bullied in the 7th grade until I bloodied the jerk's nose. Amazing how he never bothered me after that. But for weak kids who cannot defend themselves, there needs to be a good support system with punishment dealt to the offenders. People like my elementary school principal would be good to administer the punishment, he liked paddling students on the buttocks with a wood board. It didn't cause any injury but it did hurt, haha. No, I wasn't bullying anyone, just doodling during class, lol.

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Funny how this subject keeps coming up, but serendipitous, today...Check this out:


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If you strike another it is assault.

What exactly is the columndrum here? The fact that we don’t find it morally right to punish bad children? Nah we don’t teach the kidz in school how life goes, and as soon as they legally become an adult you toss em in jail for assault. That’s a great way to approach life eh?

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detention, ongoing counselling not just once, then if strike three kicked out. How is this complicated? You just have to, y'know, make a decision

From what I hear though Japan is a bullying culture, all the way down from the Principal to the teachers to the students. You need to also apply administrative punishments

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Expulsion, making the parents culpable and a general zero tolerance of bullying in society.

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Make school life in Japan less stressful and create a more humane environment. Stop those awfull morning practices and evening practices, give the kids a chance to relax and sleep enough.

Bullying in Japan is common practice, at school, in the park, and on the workfloor...stress is the common factor.

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I went from being bullied at school to joining the military and becoming a terrible bully myself. (although with some justification...difficult to explain)

Years later, I became a father and an all round calmer person. I stopped the bullying and have been the person I am now for aalmost 13 years.

So I have been on both sides of the fence. Both sides are victims in different ways.

You must understand the bully. Talk to him. Punishment isn't always the answer. Many bullies just want someone to listen to them.

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Very hierarchal - superiors feel they could do anything to their inferiors without reprisal

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