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What causes someone to become a stalker?


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Good question! 9/10...

I'd love to know. Often the stalkers do not realize the ramifications of what they are doing, until something snaps them out of it.

Thrills? A primitive urge? Insecurity?

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Mental health issues.

A controlling and self entitled personality.

There are a lot of studies and research out there that indicates the above.

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Perhaps #1 is rejection.

Eighty per cent of victims know their stalker and the most common is the ‘ex-intimate - rejected’ stalker. These perpetrators have been in a previous relationship – usually controlling and abusive in nature – with the victim. On separation they either want to reconcile, exact revenge - or a fluctuating mixture of both.


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I think its the inability to express one's feelings properly. I have a friend who stalked a girl for 2 years during our high school days. He only viewed his social media profiles a lot and did not physically stalk her or anything. During that time, he was socially awkward and is unable to confess his feelings, leading to pent-up feeling that eventually wells out. ever since he came out of his shell, he never stalked again. Wallflowers out there!

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The Human Equation

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Inadequacy, a sense of impotent rage at the world we live in, a victim of sexual/mental abuse, mental health issues... there's a lot of factors at play.

Stalking is not just something that happens to people in the public eye. It happens to ordinary people like you and I. It happens in the real world and it happens online.

I don't think I need to elaborate any further as regards the latter. Long term posters will understand.

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