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What colors of clothing keep you cooler in summer?


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lighter colors since they absorb less solar radiation. if you're going to talk about fabric, nothing beats good old-fashioned cotton. The next best thing would be a good dri-fit shirt that won't smell after some sweating. Here's your proof that light colored cotton fabrics are the best. Look at several countries in the tropics and look at what they locals traditionally and presently wear. If that keeps them cool in a nearly all year round summer weather, then it will work for those in temperate regions. In my possible unpopular opinion though, acclimatization to the seasons is key for those in temperate regions. Just look up how to acclimatize, there's a lot of techniques on how to do it. You'll be more tolerant to bad weather and save up more on electricity since you wont be relying too much on heating and cooling.

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I wear my black Ninja outfit and stay in the shady areas of the forests on hot days.

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Like Toshihiro, lighter colors. Unfortunately, nothing helps with the overall mugginess and humidity (ungh...)

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At those higher temperatures, especially if higher than 35 degrees C, not any one color of your clothes can keep you cool in summer. That’s impossible. Wet clothes or the kind of fabric might have a small influence, but not anymore the colors.

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I have a suit made from aluminum foil, it reflects the sun and protects me from conspiracy theories.

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Black works for me. And purple.

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I use light pink and light gray. Both pretty neutral and easy to look at.

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White. They always make me feel cooler. Loose button up shirts with a few buttons undone.

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White, light blue, cotton, linen

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Tank tops, shorts, sunglasses, sandals.

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I wear various colors of Japanese samue clothes and a straw hat.

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Only light colors.

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I wear a pair of shorts at home every day and seldom go out so any colours will do

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