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What differences in regional food culture in Japan have you noticed whenever you visit various parts of the country?


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I was amused when I went with a Japanese guy to a Michi no Eki on the way to Shikoku and he commented "oh yes, notice the difference in the toughness of Kagawa noodles". Lol

But yes some places seafood is fresh, some places have a special type of tea that they serve etc.

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Sakura niku--basashi in Kagoshima. Not something commonly eaten elsewhere in Japan.

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I have noticed that Saizeriya doesn't taste the same at each location.

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The differences tend to be pretty marginal and bigged up by Japanese.

You will often hear of the "famous" noodles in some such area, and when you get there, they are slightly thicker, or thinner, or longer, than normal noodles.

The differences tend to be pretty marginal. You can get tako-yaki in lots of different places. But then again, butter ramen is rarely seen out of Hokkaido and it's lush.

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Noodles are made with unhealthy flour, haven't seen noodles made of 100% wholewheat flour in Japan.

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western japan seems to eat more beef while eastern japan eats more pork

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Umibudo. I've yet to have it outside Okinawa.

Seriously pleasing on the palate.

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