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What do you dislike most about your smartphone?


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Having to recharge the battery every day.

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The fact that I have to carry one at all. I would love to ditch it in favour of my house/office phones but I would lose my job.

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I just switched from an iPhone back to a bog-standard, old-school cellphone. It's been quite liberating actually. I realize now how anti-social I must have been, regularly checking Facebook and my favorite Internet sites, even when in a group of people. Also, now, I only need to charge my phone once a week.

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not being able to see the screen while outdoors on sunny days.

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don't have a smartphone but the obsessiveness with which those who do constantly look at it annoys me.

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Don't own a smartphone, was only recently persuaded I 'need' an ordinary mobile phone (still not totally convinced, it spends most of its time sitting idle on my desk). Mr cleo has a smartphone and what annoys me most about it is that he only ever seems to use it as an ordinary mobile phone, despite the extra we pay on account of it being smart.

And he's very conscientious about turning it off on the train (no mindless zombie-staring at the screen during his commute), so when I need to contact him while he's on his way home I can never reach him.

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Iphone batteries suck!! It would be nice to be use my Softbank Iphone over seas with out be charged an arm and a leg!!

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The biggest disadvantage is its size, weight and cost compared to a mobile phone. Second is the data security meaning that internet access on an insecure network input puts you at risk of identity theft and hacked accounts including the potential for inappropriate web sites for children. Third is the distraction, which potentially decreases productivity and can keep you off-track and sometimes cuts into time focused on a business project etc. Last of all is the small size of the keyboard on the interface of a smart phone compared to a computer with characters packed so close together limiting how fast you can type including having to access different versions of the keyboard for special characters and numerals. However all these disadvantages will no longer become obstacles as technological advances so rapidly and more powerful and inexpensive products with greater value are being manufactured every year

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It's now much too easy to sort any pub argument.

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Poor design. In general, the phone is great but the designers should not be crowing about great they are when each release comes out.

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It's smarter than I am !

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The most annoying thing is that the functionality is simplified to the extent that you don't have control over even the most basic features any more. Privacy control mechanisms are so rudimentary that they are almost useless. Even ubiquitous apps miss basic functionality you would expect from them. Fixes for serious security-related bugs? You're lucky when you get them after perhaps a year, in most cases never. Instead you get a beautiful surface with lots of built-in spy functions hidden below. All for the dubious aim of better marketing. Using a 'smartphone' for business purposes is just irresponsible. Change that name to 'dumbphone'...

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Nothing, because I don't have one, am not planning to get one, and still manage to run an active social and working life despite it. I don't even have a cell phone. I have met a few people who told me that they'd offer me more work/social opportunities if I had a keitai, but frankly I wouldn't want to hang out with people like that anyway.

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Recharging the battery, not being able to just download my music to it from the PC hard drive, that you can't remove images from the camera roll and place them into a separate album.

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The question implies everyone and their brother has a smartphone, lol.

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The iPhone 4S is the best camera I've ever owned, but it's barely aedquate as a phone.

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People laugh at me for my early 2000 model flip phone. Even my mother has a smartphone. So, one might guess I would say how embarrassing it is. But really, it just speaks to my laziness, cuz I'm sure I could get an upgrade for cheap, if not for free.

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Nothing! I am extremely happy with my iPhone 5S. Yeah, I have to charge the battery every day. So what? Yeah, sometimes I lose signal, but that is SoftBank's fault! I enjoy being able to read the newspaper or check FaceBook whenever I like. All the applications I have installed make it very easy for me to access information. I think the only thing I don't like about it is, people that complain about Smart Phones.

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Recharging the battery, not being able to just download my music to it from the PC hard drive, that you can't remove images from the camera roll and place them into a separate album.

Mmm it sounds you're ready to make the step to android, no memory hogging software needed, just copy and paste! Changeable sd cards, changeable batteries, .complete control with a 5 inch screen! You must be a complete masochist to favor an iPhone and relinquish all control...

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The moment when I realize that I have once again changed the front-facing camera I use to take pictures to the other camera I use when I do video conferences... Here I am, just staring...

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Thunderbird: I wish I would have read your comment yesterday. I maticulously went through the 2000 photos on my phone last night and put them into folders. Then I deleted every. single. picture off of my camera roll....only to find my phone left with NO photos at all :( Good thing I was smart enough to upload them on my computer before.

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The size of my phone: its both a blessing and a curse. Great screen for video and web surfing but way too big to comfortably fit in any of my pockets. As such I often put it in a bum-bag ("fanny pack" in American English) which I've gotten used to wearing. I'm glad I live in Japan where I can get away with wearing one rather than beatings I'd probably receive back home.

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When I take out my phone to make a call, it can take a minute or two before I can actually connect with all the slowness and loading of menus. Phones today have so many apps that it takes forever to do what its supposed to do...

Mostly, when I had my old flip phone it had basically one function:phone. Took seconds to open, place a call and be on my way.

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I don't like the fact that Casio doesn't update their modified android version from 2.3.2 and that I can't remove pre-installed apps that are now obsolete or that I don't use. Facebook, Gree, Google Talk, etc. I'm going for a genuine Android phone which gets version updates quickly.

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"The size of my phone: its both a blessing and a curse. Great screen for video and web surfing but way too big to comfortably fit in any of my pockets."

Good grief, if the screen is big enough for video, of course it's way too big to fit into any of yer pockets, who wants to watch a video on a screen small enough to fit ito a pocket? Apparently a bunch of people, lol

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Nothing...because I don't have one.

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