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What do you like to shop for online and what do you still go to stores to buy?


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Still go to stores to buy : fresh foods, daily groceries, drinks, snacks, alcohol medicine, toiletries, etc anything I can get in supermarkets, drugstores, konbinis...clothes, shoes available at nearby shopping malls....

Shop online : certain brand of wears, shoes, clothes, video games softwares, etc things not available at nearby malls, supermarkets, drugstores, konbinis...

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anything mechanically complex. appliances, electronics, clothes and fresh foods are best bought in store. the rest can be bought online.

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Local shops for groceries, some home center stuff. For browsy/window shopping, I like going to garden centers, seeing new plants, and buying them, but a lot of what I want is too specialized for them. There is also the problem that even I find an interesting plant in the shops, I still have to google it to find the expected height (rarely marked in detail) and detailed info on hardiness. I've bought many plants over the years and then seen them not emerge from under the snow next spring.

Almost all of my hobby stuff is bought used from Yahoo Auctions or Mercari. A lot of clothes too.

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I prefer and try to support real stores, but of course there are some cases when things are only available or sold online or some shops extremely overdo with their prices. Of course I know, real stores have higher cost burdens than online merchants, for staff, energy, the shop area and storage needs itself etc, but if they sometimes overdo too much, I surely buy online instead. But first they get their chance, as they have a big influence and importance on general employment and the look of city centers or the nearby living areas. So real shops mostly deserve to be considered first.

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I hate waiting for card holders,it take them all day to do a transaction,I usually count my money out ahead of the purchase,I guilty sometime,I have a wallet ,but have money in all my pockets mixed with paper

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I hate waiting for card holders,it take them all day to do a transaction,I

Not aware it's still a problem. Cards are supposed to make paying faster and more convenient.

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Well, its usually some things that either hard to find in shops(such as my fav organic soap, dishwashing soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc) or products i usually buy but with a nice discount

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You,you also pay a transaction fee,in America they sell gas cheaper for cash

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Want to check the right size of clothes and shoes at store. I also buy groceries in the weekend at store to enjoy the atmosphere, to check new marketing and product trends.

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Tough list. But one thing very specific, you do NOT ever buy an SD card at physical stores in Japan.

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I'll get the basics - milk, bread, eggs, fruit - at the store on my way home but since the pandemic hit, I've started buying most of my groceries online and getting them delivered. It's just easier and I don't need to lug the heavy stuff back. Also, if I need to add or change an item, it's easy to do so.

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I gave up buying clothes online unless I know exactly what I am getting (I either already own the item or have seen it in a physical store). Too often disappointed with the fabric, the color or the size... all things that are easy to check in a physical store.

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