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What do you predict for the future of robotics?


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Robots will become increasingly important in all aspects of life. That they and their computers will be able to self-programme and build robots even better than themselves is a distinct possibility.

The technological singularity is probably no longer just a sci-fi notion.

Nations that are educating their students and preparing their respective workforces for the current digital era and whatever may follow will be better off for doing so.

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If we are talking about Japan, I think they will attempt to use it as a substitute to immigration. Use more robots and less foreign workers. I do think it will fail.

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I think we will see one of the biggest labour upheavals in human history once robots become common and advanced enough to replace most unskilled and low-skilled jobs in the world. Once that happens, mass unemployment for the uneducated, unskilled, and low-skilled will begin. What will they do with all that newly found free-time? Most likely riot, protest, prompt a social revolution like most major revolutions in the past.

Already, most people on Earth are too uneducated to be safe for replacement, so it will be momentous. One caveat is that replacement won't happen overnight, but instead be a multi-decade process.

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One caveat is that replacement won't happen overnight, but instead be a multi-decade process.

It's already been happening for decades, as robots have become more commonplace in factories.

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A more pertinent question would be, what do THEY think?

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Instead of robots, I think automatic machines will be the future. An good example is the driverless car. News are saying that they will be on roads in the very near future. Another area will be medical use like developing better 'exoskeleton' to replace missing limbs.

For those that worries about 'killer robots', I believe there is yet a robot which can walk properly. I think not long ago there was a competition in which teams built remote controlled robots to complete some simple tasks. Someone posted a funny video online showing how the robots are falling all over the place. So if a human like killer robot is after you, just walk up some long stairs.

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As Strangerland said this is ALREADY happening & has been for decades, instead of using the word robots, look at what modern machinery, the internet are doing.

Lots of this is already destroying millions of jobs & now people have to fight for fewer & fewer M-jobs, minimum wage is no where near a living wage, the race is DOWN! The masses are getting screwed, a few are getting obscenely rich, bottom line is we are already in a totally unsustainable situation that is pushing ahead towards a more & more unsustainable economic situation.

There will be hell to pay if we keep up this pace, I sure as hell wouldn't want to be living in the USA when all hell breaks loose!

Right now its getting close to where its impossible to keep up with the tech etc, yeah you young folks say no problem BUT I guarantee you as you enter your 40s perhaps earlier YOU WILL be looking in the rear view mirror cursing to yourself! You heard it here!!!!

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dcog9065. Most likely you are correct. As strangerland said, it is already happening on a wide scale. Read Kurt Vonnegut`s Player Piano and you will get a good idea of what life will be like. The only real benefit of robots that I see is ones that can perform complex medical procedures or perform jobs that are too hazardous to humans.

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Once they form a union, everything will come to a screeching halt.

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At some point we'll see 100% unemployment.

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Stepford wives and I can't wait! I am pretty sick of dealing with female inconsistent emotions, head games, complaining for the fun of it and looking at me like I am an ATM machine. Also getting this crazy ideas in there head what will please me even though I have told them a thousand times what is and is not important to me but they just don't listen.

And I am not even trying to say I am perfect! Let the Stepford Husbands roll out as well!

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