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What do you say to a colleague who has been given notice by the boss due to downsizing or budget cutbacks?


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FREEDOM. Free to pursue something that you enjoy.. create an online business at home.. do house work and let your wife get out of the house and work at something she might enjoy to make money... or apply your skills and start your own business.. without rain there can be no rainbows... and at the end of the rainbow is pot of gold if you are wise enough you will realize that the most important thing on Earth is not money.. but freedom.

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Don't sign anything & hold out for the maximum payout. Don't talk about what you are doing with other employees - ever. Be firm but polite in your dealings with management & HR. Every company has extra funds for the people who won't be easily pushed out. Patience pays an will give you more time & freedom once you are unemployed.

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It's difficult to say anything as a colleague or friend because all that person is thinking is "Why me? Why my job?" At this point, they have zero self-esteem. Just offer to help with whatever they need, whether it is just someone to talk to or with references or whatever.

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Good Luck?

Stay in touch?

We'll have lunch?

That sucks dude?

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"Drinks are on me. Even the otoshi."

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The question should not be what we day to our colleagues who are downsized, but what will we say to an economic system that is gutting the middle class so that the rich can get richer?

What we should be saying is NO! We should be fighting for the rights of people to earn a meaningful living. And we should do all we can to punish companies that get rich by reducing staff and imposing insane work loads on those who remain behind.

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@Meguroman Spot on. I've been there. Don't let the slimy toads frustrate you to the point where you just throw your hands in the air and accept less than what you are due. You'll feel much better about yourself when you receive what you deserve. Also, if you retire from physical work like my father and have suffered physical injuries over time ( my father developed white finger and tinnitus through working with ship engines ), sue the swines for every penny possible.

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Enjoy the time off! The non-slackers will definitely find other work soon enough. I did, and if I did, any non-slacker can!

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That sucks dude. Let's go for a drink! My treat! Just think of it as life's way of telling you there are better opportunities for you out there.

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better you than me.

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If your living in Japan this scenario is somewhat unlikely as its very difficult to release, layoff, fire employees in Japan.

I am all for fair treatment, but there are loads of companies with heaps of deadwood employees & the inability to let go & hire someone else is a major cause of wage freezes, non-investment etc.

I dont think companies should be able to fire willy nilly but they also shouldnt have to keep those who arent pulling their weight, needs to be fair for BOTH sides.

Where Japan has major screwed up is where companies are no longer hiring "full timers" the main reason this is happening is because of what I have written above, at the moment its the only way companies can manage to some extent, although is rather bad for ALL sides involved & getting worse

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Illegitimi non carborundum

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@ GW,

It's very easy in Japan to get fired, I had only 2 days off a month and got sick on my second day off (fewer 40C+) and my wife called in the next morning that I can't come in - fired on the telephone.

Do you think the labor office was going to help me???? NOT!

Now have my own company and it's running great!

So I would everyone tell to cheer up and try to realize there own dream.

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Glad to see you landed on your feet! I also work on my own, I could never go back to working at a J-company, too depressing & I just wont deal with the BS "overtime".

Not sure how long you were working at the place that fired you, toss in your not Japanese & well I doubt I need to add anymore. But some companies I work with I have to deal with some real brutally inefficient, make the same mistakes over & over, even after working together for more than 10yrs STILL cant(unable) to take even a tiny bit of initiative, but the companies cant let them go, so over time they start to drag EVERYTHING down.

Glad you made the jump, dont ever go back to working FOR a J-company, working WITH is fine, but not FOR!

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almost impossible to get fired here once you are a permanent employee. but, if it does happen, sayonara.

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What do you say to a colleague who has been given notice

"I would like fries with that. Thank you for asking."

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Frankie Boyle would have been proud of that one.

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