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What do you think about diplomatic immunity?


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It should only apply to diplomats, not (the wives of) people working on a spy base. Also it should not apply in cases where local people die.

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The incident took place back in August. The woman was subsequently questioned by police. It is being suggested by the media (not many facts available) that she skipped the country when it became clear the police were going to bring charges. It seems she's the wife not of a regular diplomat in London but of a US intelligence officer stationed in Northamptonshire. I don't recall James Bond having diplomatic immunity.

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It should only be given to diplomats, not spouses or family or anyone else.

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I understand the reasoning behind it, and do think it is somewhat necessary. The problem is that there are too many instances of it being abused. Foreign ambassadors seem to be especially bad when it comes to things like speeding and parking tickets. I think there should be some sort of regulation so it couldn't be abused like this.

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I think it's necessary to protect certain diplomats, military and politicians from false accusations and such that could impede their mission and put them in danger. But that should not be unconditional and permanent. It should be temporary. There should a promise from the country of the protected person to lift the immunity in case a common investigation shows it's a common offense/crime.

It should only be given to diplomats, not spouses or family or anyone else.

You need to protect the whole household from a possible blackmailing. When it is a hit and run with a casualty, a bar fight, domestic abuse, rape, drugs, theft... that has no relation with the person's job, it's crime here, it's crime there. Even an Ambassador should face responsibility. A General or a President too. When you see the nutcases people elect these days, that could happen that some crazy Prez on a trip abroad decides to rape and kill hotel staff... Should he go away with it ? The only privileges should be a protective delay and the possibility of doing their jail time in their country.

she skipped the country when it became clear the police were going to bring charges. 

Isn't there a way for the dead boy's family to sue her in the States ? At least in civil court ?

There was the Lee Zeitouni case with French drunk drivers causing a death in Israel and going back home. The family never obtained their extradition, but a French court took the case.

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Not only did she choose to run away, she must have done so with her family's support - including her husband's. Shame on them all. Taking a life, destroying a family's happiness, and hiding behind a bs immunity which should not cover crimes like this. If she and her husband never have another single good day in their long lives, and lose everything they hold dear, it still won't be punishment enough.

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I wasn't talking about that case, didn't mention it at all. I was answering the question put forward about diplomatic immunity in general. But this particular case is one of the reasons I mention the need for regulations.

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Sorry, @cracaphat. That was an awkward typo, not my intention.

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