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What do you think about diplomatic immunity?


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Is fine but when it is used to cover for armed forces, that is not acceptable.

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It’s great until it’s just been revoked.

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Great but should be revoked for more easily such as drug, kids pornography, purchasing luxurious home with government money etc...

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Those that have it should really have a very thorough background check, especially on their mental and social conduct. It's far too easy for sociopaths in power to abuse this kind of hands off card.

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Just got a flashback of Joss Ackland in Lethal Weapon 2

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It leads to odd situations sometimes. Back home in Sweden a few months ago a diplomatic car from the Somalian embassy was found on the railroad tracks. Apparently they had driven it on top of the tracks for quite a bit, chashed it and then left it there. And because the driver has diplomatic immunity nobody is allowed to try to figure out what happened. A bit awkward.

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Diplomatic innmutinty is like the rifht of Free speach...

Most of the people know its there but they don't put themselves in a situation where you have to claim for it... And there are some people that abuse it to the point of plain criminality

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The very first thing to abolish, because it's the wide open and main gate for criminal activities, illegal drugs and of course espionage.

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It's a sacrosanct privilege that should be respected by all.

Diplomatic properties are sacrosanct, too, and any violation of that should be punished with the full weight of the international community. No ifs, ands, or buts.

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