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What do you think about online dating sites?


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In Japan, they are pretty pointless and not worth the money. Outside Japan, I think there are some decent ones you can have success with. The problem with the Japanese ones is that the yakuza run/infiltrate so many of them, the sites just become awash with fake profiles or "enjokosai"-seeking girls.

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I think they're fine for those who don't have time to get out there or are perhaps too shy.

That said; it's a pity people's lives are so busy that they cannot socialise.

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There are a few good ones, even one by JapanTodayFriendFinder. But many scammers to be careful if you try that option.

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Seems to be the way of things nowadays. Lots of perfectly normal people using them. I know of at least three couples who met online dating, and are now married.

I was talking to a single girl I know recently though, and she said that there is a major problem with men willing to commit. With so much access to so many potential meetups, it seems a lot of guys are pretty quick to flake-out now, since they have so many other options. I'm left wondering whether women are the same.

Another thing I found interesting is that I know Tinder is essentially just a site for getting casual sex overseas, but seems to be used more as a proper dating app here.

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Almost every ad I see for a Japanese dating service seems to involve an assumed male viewer just staring passively at a young woman in an outfit that is not quite salacious but also not quite normal walking around town clothes, while she does something else, like playing with a phone. After a few seconds that strike me as excruciatingly uncomfortable, she "notices" the camera and instead of making a normal human reaction to a creepy stalker staring at you like an object, she smiles cutely.

Love, Japan style.

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Lol, remember people, swipe left

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Never been interested in them, some friends of mine use them.

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Aside the "dangerous encounters" possibility, such sites are, as far as I am concerned right now, not exactly an honest, "true" love, but more of a desperate measure against prolonged loneliness. I doubt not that some of such encounters ended up in long, decent relationships, but is there love in there, I do not know.

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Overly commercial.

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I guess there could be those that work out but my experience with them was rather negative. I ended up marrying someone I met for the first time when I spoke to her to book accommodation. Booked it for life.

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