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What do you think about single-aisle, long-distance aircraft, such as the new Airbus A321XLR? Would you rather fly on a roomier plane?


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No matter the size or configuration, us simple folk in coach will continue to have a miserable experience with little to no comfort.

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Actually not sure if I have flown in the example given, but I do find singe-aisle aircraft to be very restrictive. So the answer is yes, especially long-haul I would 100% rather fly on a roomier plane.

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Depends which Class flying in.  Business definitely better on a larger plane.

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The ability to get up during a long flight and walk around a bit such as on a 777 is very comfortable. I recently took a single aisle plane from Philly to San Diego, 6 hours plus, and it was very cramped. If it is during meal or drink service you cannot get up and reach the bathroom, and there are only 2 bathrooms at the back of the plane leading to long lines. However, if you just sit back, take an Ambien and snooze maybe it is fine.

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If you looks at seat pitch and width in economy, there's likely little or no difference between narrow body and wide body planes, so no advantage there. It might be easier to reach the aisle in a larger airplane, but that's not much solace if you're stuck in the middle seat of a 2-5-2 layout on a long haul transpacific flight.

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It sucks! The 2 aisle Boeing 797 is the better choice. Whilst there is not much difference in non-comfort in economy class, much quicker boarding and deplaning with the 797.

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Serrano, now that you mention it, getting everyone seated and finding overhead luggage space seems to be a nightmare in narrow-body, as is deplaning.

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The A321XLR will be very comfortable. I’ve ridden it’s predecessor, the A321LR, from Sydney to Manila in an 8 hour flight and was very comfortable in economy. Airbus, unlike the American competitor, design for an 18 inch wide seat with 2 inch armrests. That means not hitting the shoulder of the guy next to you. Being a single aisle they cannot squeeze in another seat. This is opposed to 17 inches on the competition and 16 on some budget airlines. Airbus have done a lot of work. 1 Cabin pressure is reduced from 8000ft to 6000ft. 2 photos of Overhead bins show they are massive and will hold all bags roller bags required. 3 Water supply is increased from 200L to 490L. A Garbage compactor saves space since 2 hot meals will now be required. In May PAL flight there was no issue with access to toilets as on a long flight there is plenty of time outside of meal service. It was very quiet due to the new PW1100G engine. Flights are going to be at most 8-10 hours. In the 10-12 flights the a/c will be in a low density layout due to weight issues. It will make you more comfortable because you are more likely to get a direct flight and you are more likely to get your preferred time.

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