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What do you think about the casting of Johnny Depp as Tonto in the 'Lone Ranger' film?


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Being old enough to remember the original TV Lone Ranger and Tonto I find the choice of actors for both roles disappointing. However, the vast majority of the film's future audience will have no such memories and will enjoy the film.

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From what I've heard, he's not cast as Tonto, he's cast as Jack Sparrow in a weird indian costume.

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Depp needs to go back to making good movies- Blow, Donnie Brasco.

Lately he is Jack Sparrow no matter what the movie.

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Shark jumping?

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I have to see the movie before I can say, but I really like a lot of his movies, so as a "choice" it should be a good one.

As for being Jack Sparrow in every movie- he was already an off-balance odd-ball in a lot of his movies before that, he just took it further in Pirates. So yes, he does have a certain typecast thing to him, but it's not all he is, and it is also not always bad.

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Did I detect a bit of Raul Duke ("Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas") in this performance? At least, Depp being Depp, he didn't have to overact this role to pull it off. For a Disney flick, it's not bad.

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Weird !

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Had this not been a comedy I suspect he would have toned down the performance, to be honest. Sadly it IS a comedy.

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To me a big problem with movies supposed to be set in the 1800s (I think this one is), they use current ways of speaking, styles, etc. What? Lone Ranger with the 2000s era three day beard???!! I'm not a movie buff anyway. If more people were like me, Hollywood actors would about be homeless.

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