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What do you think about the way Valentine's Day is celebrated in Japan?


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I think "Buy everyone you know chocolate" day is more appropriate. Way too commercial. That said... If people do wish to celebrate... I do appreciate small gifts of home made cookies more than any store bought chocolates.

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Simple: It isn't celebrated.

Celebration involves joy. As happens so often here, any expression of fun and spontaneity has been replaced with duty, obligation, chores and expense.

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Derek Grebe - you nailed it in four words there!

Maybe you can help Japanese people learn to celebrate it. I get my wife apple pie and ice cream, the women in my office get a box of chocolates to share rather than something on this ridiculously contrived White Day, some of the women get me something, some don't, but nobody is counting and it's a happy day at our office without any stultifying sense of obligation.

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I'm for one happy with it and have already received several nice boxes of chocolates which I always share with my wife and the gesture is returned next month too.

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I make my own chocolates, cups, truffles from scratch.

I have foregone the romantic significance of the occasion, cupid's arrow has yet to work its magic.

Cupere, it is a challenging complex concept when one has to divide, define, affection and the notion of love.   

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Just like all the other imported holidays in Japan--commercial and devoid of meaning.

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Even though it's my host country and all that, I think it's pretty much like what I'm used to elsewhere. You don't need presents and cards to demonstrate your love for someone. Well, you can of course but why limit it to one day?

I couldn't tell you who Valentine actually was, off the top of my head.

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It isn't celebrated in Japan. St Valentine's day is supposed to be a celebration of lovers, not about a woman being obliged to buy chocolate for every man you know.

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