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What do you think are some effective measures to deal with cyber-bullying?


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Most effective measure is to not have social media accounts where bullies roam. Simple. Or get a thicker skin.

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spend less time online and more time being physically present with friends. I've had my fair share of cyber bullying and if you suspect that you are being harassed online, report it to authorities and go offline, nobody's forcing you stay online. In my experience, those who harassed me online couldn't face me in person and are probably just keyboard warriors.

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Have a moderator, or flagging and deletion of such posts. Also, in order to post you should provide contact details. Ultimately however if you simply don't read that crap it cannot hurt you.

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Set account to private and only have close friends in your account. Block and ignore d!¢ks.

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I would imagine the most damaging stuff in Japan will be done on groups connected to schools, sports clubs, etc. on services like LINE. In that situation, moderation of the group can stop bullying. If members of a sports club etc. in Japan are told to use LINE, those responsible for the club need to check on what communication is actually going on.

If this bullying is people badmouthing celebs, I think that goes with the territory. Unless its actual hate speech or invasion of privacy (e.g., this person lives here and goes to xxx every Tuesday morning), I don't think there is much that can be done, aside from setting accounts to private and blocking trolls as Garthgoyle says.

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Stay off social media. All it's for is to waste time and act like you are back in high school.

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Name and shame.

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Talk to your kids, let them know anyone who cyber bullies you is a knobhead loser who isn’t worth the time or energy worrying about.

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Talk to your kids, let them know anyone who cyber bullies you is a knobhead loser who isn’t worth the time or energy worrying about.

This comment isn't helpful to kids for whom the loser is most definitely worth the time or energy to worry about, since they are destroying the social standing of the kid getting attacked.

It's exactly this kind of minimization of children's problems to feel like they aren't understood.

Just because our experiences have grown enough to realize that some school trolls don't matter in the longer scheme of things, doesn't mean our children whose entire life is their school, will be able to comprehend that idea.

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The simplest way is to quit using social media and just ignore the comments. All those people who are criticizing the person should know what they are doing can easily make someone commit suicide like the recent news about the woman on Terrace House. It never means that you can malign someone with anonymity.

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Hunt them down and face them. Do it in public.

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