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What do you think it is going to be like at airports as more international travel starts? Do you think there will be hassles at check-in terminals and departure gates over whether passengers have or haven't got the right vaccination passports or apps, or proof of having tested negative for the coronavirus and so on?


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Already taken 2 international flights this year and will take another in October-piece of cake!

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More hassle at check-ins and departure gates? You will probably have to be an additional hour early simply because everything will take a little bit longer. But I don't believe there will be any "hassle." Airports and airlines simply won't have it. Anything that delays the operations of airports and airlines hits them where it hurts the most: In the moneybags. They will adopt a zero-tolerance policy: Don't have the necessary papers exactly, to the tee, how they should be ... "Sorry, next. No, Sir. No, you can't. Security!"

Like mentioned before, there will be significant abuse towards ground personnel, and consequently there will also be a significant increase in security personnel. But as much as people politicize everything and anything related to Covid: This is not political, this is not personal, it is stone cold business. You want to fly, you do your homework.

(Also, having had to travel with Air China through BCIA more often than I would have cared for, I consider myself somewhat hardened when it comes to check-in and departure gate shenanigans.)

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but there will also be less idiots traveling, which will improve it overall.

I disagree. The idiots are more likely to come out of the word work now. That family of 6 (from some developing country) that doesn't have the right paper work or understand a thing is going to be holding everyone up.

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It's going to be a complete mess, I have already given up on international travel for at least a decade.

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More hassles, frustrations and lots of angry passengers, with more abuse towards the ground staff.

I can imagine some tests are rejected, certificates are incomplete, regulations and standards are changed, paperwork is missing, on top of the usual security and anti-terrorism checks that make traveling such a pleasure nowadays, or at least eighteen months ago.

Domestic travel for a while...

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Gonna be a whole lotta fun. More delays, more officialdom, more hassle generally.

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It'll be an absolute mess. Especially for people who have already had the rona and have naturally acquired immunity to it, which beats vax immunity hands down, but will not take the jab as there's no need to. Who's going to consider their interests?

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Yes. Goong to be evn more painful than it was before the 'Rona.

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I think it will be slightly more of a hassle in some regards, but there will also be less idiots traveling, which will improve it overall.

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It's going to be a complete mess, I have already given up on international travel for at least a decade.

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It’s already happening. Travellers are advised to get to the airport earlier than previously due to the paperwork checks. But the question is focusing on the wrong part of the journey, the biggest issues are entering, not leaving, a country.

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more hassle as it will never be standardized in each country as to what "vaccinated" is and some countries wont even mandate it at all.

Also a vaccinated person today is an unvaccinated person tomorrow once they are required to have a booster/2nd booster/3rd booster. which will also vary by person and country.

International travel is going to be a mess.

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December Japan will ditch its quarantine because by then Japan will reach 90% full will be vaccinated. So next year traveling through Japanese airport will be the same as per China Pocks

This will not be the case considering there is already a need for booster shots in most early-vaccinated countries such as Israel and Singapore (who are consequently in the midst of a raging epidemic despite most of the population being vaccinated).

And furthermore there will always be the possibility of a new variant emerging from the developing world (already there is a new variant in South America that is worse than Delta).

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December Japan will ditch its quarantine because by then Japan will reach 90% full will be vaccinated. So next year traveling through Japanese airport will be the same as per China Pocks

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Absolutely, yes, more hassles. How can you truly be sure you're not "sick" anymore, at least enough to buy a ticket for an airplane with confidence? When the New Normal is: Fully Vaxxed people are 11 times less likely to get COVID, but they can STILL GET AND SPREAD COVID (in spite of all our useless using of paper masks!), and do seem at this very moment to be among the major contributants to spreading the virus, even when most have never left Japan's shores but have acquired home-grown COVID?

Imagine a situation where you cannot take a plane if you test positive for the common Flu. Now imagine that even with a booster shot, there's still zero guarantee that you AREN'T carrying that virus right now, symptomless, and most people if they actually have the flu don't go on to develop uncomforting visible symptoms? Imagine the chaos of thousands of "sick" people, feeling fully fine, being stopped from flying because "Sorry, but you got the flu"?

This is what will happen when people who think they're healthy go to the airport with latent, asymptomatic COVID in their bodies. Business trips: cancelled. Reunions: suddenly postponed. You might not even develop the "virus" until AFTER you've arrived in Japan, since 72 hours from the last test allows plenty of exposure opportunities in a normal, sane world, right?

How to overcome this situation, where death rates are minuscule and restricted largely to the most vulnerable populations (elderly, already-ailing, etc), when major hospitalizations are slashed (thanks to vaccines), yet anyone, vaccinated or not, can still be COVID carriers, even if they've tried their best not to get it and followed the rules to the hilt?

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I can see all sorts of complications, starting with having to arrive at the airport much earlier that usual before departure.

I'd prefer to have nothing digital. Just a stamp in my passport showing I have been vaccinated. However, for children and unvaccinated people, it is going to be a major hassle. Also, will some vaccines be recognized by some countries upon entry, while others are not?

What will happen when you reserve a ticket online? Will you be asked to show proof of vaccination online before proceeding to buy your ticket?

I just can't see any smooth process in all this.

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I believe the airlines will figure it out. They pay fortunes that most people know about to the airports where they have landing 'rights'. They're not 'rights', they're nothing but ground services. When my favourite Japanese airline returns to service for me, in Canada, I'll be coming back. But terminal procedures will be streamlined as best possible, in my opinion. Otherwise, suck it up. It wasn't all that fast through Haneda the last time I was there, neither coming nor going. It's really the numbers of personnel that counts.

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How is this relevant to us in Japan? I don't see anything changing in Japan.

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A documentary TV series on Heathrow continued filming during the pandemic. In the blanket testing phase there were a lot of delays as there were so many extra checks, all different, for different countries, the rules kept changing and there were not enough staff. Delays of up to 7 hours were reported. Things are now beginning to ease in Europe.

As the vaccination rate goes up and severe cases are reduced, testing will be reduced or abolished, the costs and delays will go down, and for high vaccination countries, things look likely to return to near normal.

Extra checks can usually be factored into the time you would normally spend waiting for each stage of travel - for check-in to open and for boarding to begin. Turning up at the last minute has never been a sensible idea and will remain unwise.

Tourism won't begin again until quarantine is axed at both ends for 2Vax travellers, so the reopening will be in stages. That may give staff more time to adjust.

The shock-and-awe phase is tailing off. There are crowds at football games in Europe, without masks (IMHO, masks should still be being worn). Rather like the 2 year HIV panic and the 2 year BSE panic, we seem to have a 2 year Covid panic on the cards, before we roll it in with the other jabs and get on with life.

Covid zero countries will have to remain isolated or vaccinate and take the plunge with the rest of us.

Whatever app you use, I would strongly urge you to print off a copy of your vaccinated status and keep it with your passport as you travel. Tech is less reliable than paper, and will always be so. Make sure you have travel insurance that covers Covid care costs.

Get a flu jab and avoid mixing with others before you travel. You are unlikely to be allowed on a plane with mild flu symptoms, even if you don't have Covid. Research the rules at your destination in advance and then check the day before you travel, as they can change without much warning.

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I'm sure everything will be smooth sailing. Airport terminals and governmental agencies are models of efficiency and always have the traveler's best interests in mind, including respecting the time of the general public.

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A friend recently came back from Vancouver to Tokyo, He said he spent 20 minutes at YVR getting cleared and 3 hours at Narita (including writing out his name and address with pen and paper multiple times) getting cleared before a 2-week isolation.

I think Japan will lag other countries, including the likes of Thailand and Malaysia, for quite a while and then finally catch up after outrage and embarrassment. Ie, the usual pattern.

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No, the negative PCR test is still the de facto barrier for travel.Having a double vaccination will only shorten the quarantine period.

Hopefully Japan will shorten that period for double vaccinated period ASAP…

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Yes, I believe so. International travel was already a hassle in itself pre-pandemic, I can only imagine how troublesome it will be during and post-pandemic. The worst I can imagine is a flight being forced to make an emergency landing if someone shoes COVID-19 symptoms mid-flight or someone faking symptoms for unreasonable purposes.

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