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What do you think of adulterous dating sites like Ashley Madison?


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You can never feel right doing wrong and a website that tempts people to cheat or commit adultery is wrong in every way. But people have the freedom, the ability to choose for yourself what site to click on. Human beings have a conscience, the inner voice or feeling that can help you know the rightness or wrongness of one's behavior and to act for yourself. In the end agency has its price. You have to pay for the consequences of your choice. So if you get caught cheating it is a choice you made and you are responsible.

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The lack of morality of two consenting adults is none of my business. That is between them and their dog.

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I can't look into other people lives, I don't know about their situations, so live and let live..no judgement passed. It's probably cheaper than visiting a brothel, and for women who are deprived of sexual intercourse it's even harder to be eh serviced....

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They're consenting, they're grown adults who make their own decisions. I see nothing wrong with websites like these.

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If anything like other "dating " websites probably plenty of dishonest people and scammers. so good luck to people who use them. the fact that someone makes a ton of money out of it is the aspect that annoys me.

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Considering all Japanese people cheat on their other half, I would have though Ashley Madison would be very popular here. Then again, the Japanese seem more likely to use simple "telephone" dating sites.

Moderator: Please repost without the "all Japanese people cheat" phrase, which is, as you know, untrue.

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Given how rife cheating is in Japan, I would imagine such sites are quite popular.

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The website is garbage. It helps to facilitate infidelity. The true problem however is not the site itself. The problem is that people are unwilling to be loyal. They don't care about their spouses or commitments that they have made. It also seems that people who engage in adulterous behavior don't care to much about their children. There is probably a significant chance that they will be found out which will put the children in a bad position too. Adultery and an adultery industry indicate a massive moral failure of the cultures which tolerate it.

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I think anyone who uses them are pathetic . . .

. . . because they're too dumb to realize they're being scammed. Most of the women on these sites are fake profiles created by the companies that run them or are people who are paid to pretend to be interested women.

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I'm of the opinion that it probably saves as many marriages, if not more, than it ruins. Or at least such was the case until the user list got leaked - I bet it's causing a lot of divorces right now!

That all said, Sioux Chef has it right by the sounds of it. People analyzing the data are saying there are not so many women actually using the site. If it turns out that the company was paying people to pretend to be women, I hope that users of the site sue the hell out of them.

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Problem is that there are alot of lonely, rich men who wants companions without strings attached. There is a huge market for this. If you have alot of money to burn, there are many young attractive women that are struggling or not struggling will accept without conditions. These women don't care if you are married or single as long as you treat them nice.

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As for the websites- none of my business. Do not care. Not interested in them, not interested in if other people use them.

As for the hacked and stolen data - I think if you condemn hackers stealing celebrities' private nude photos, you have to also condemn hackers stealing other people's private infidelity records. Either a person's personal data is private, or it isn't, and pornographic self-gratification isn't really morally inferior to self-righteous self-gratification.

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The same with dating websites. I can't blame them, pity is the only thing that comes to me.

People doesn't want marriage nowadays, too much work, too much things to do and very little to share.

And yet, some of them manage to get married, just to go after websites like this afterwards, it seems. I won't say everyone, but, well, 40 million users is a quite high number, less people died from HIV AIDS.

And to think that all of this could be arranged by communicating with your pair, on a regular basis.

If there were more communication, i'm pretty sure websites like this would not be just useless, but, senseless as well.

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I don't judge them, but I do feel puzzled at the huge numbers of married people who don't get that it's supposed to be a life of frustration and quiet desperation! What did they think they were signing up for in the first place?

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And to think that all of this could be arranged by communicating with your pair, on a regular basis.

Not necessarily. Many couples have differences in sex drives - one partner has a much stronger drive than the other. Communication doesn't help this at all. These cheating websites can keep a marriage together sometimes, if the partner with the stronger drive is able to find other solutions to deal with their sexual frustration, instead of divorcing their partner and finding someone new.

I do feel puzzled at the huge numbers of married people who don't get that it's supposed to be a life of frustration and quiet desperation!

Why is it supposed to be that way? If my marriage was a life of frustration and quiet desperation, I'd get divorced. Better to be single.

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You reap what you sow. To each his/her own.


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http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/ashley-madison-hack-just-three-in-every-10000-female-accounts-on-infidelity-website-are-real-10475310.html As Wakanai thought, seems to be largely a scam.

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I do feel bad for kids who's parents would divorce because of this, but even if AM didn't exist its current users would simply be using some other means to pursue their desires.

Cheaters gon cheat.

Overall I don't care much at all and probably won't care much about this issue until I find myself on the short end of the stick. Then I'd probably go raging against the site. Humans... lol

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Some hilarious facts about The Ashley Madison website:

roughly 12,000 of the 5.5 million registered female accounts are actually used by women on a regular basis

Out of 5.5 million female accounts, roughly zero percent had ever shown any kind of activity at all

the ratio of men checking messages to women checking messages was 13,585 : 1

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It was/is a scam site-I pity the people that wasted their money on it....

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"What do you think of adulterous dating sites like Ashley Madison?"

Personally I think they're disgusting. I think pornography in any way, shape or form is disgusting.

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Cheaters are always gonna find a way to cheat. The big question is whether they wind up having to pay for it, financially and otherwise.

A woman I know here whose husband cheated on AM is very grateful for the exposure. He was being a complete d$%# about the divorce until it all came out - now he has come to court like a lamb and given her half of everything.

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NathalieB: A woman I know here whose husband cheated on AM is very grateful for the exposure.

How did he manage to find a live female on AM, supposedly there aren't much?

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