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What do you think of all the coffee drinks and products sold in Japan, either in cafes, convenience stores and vending machines? Anything you recommend?


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I'm going to pull my collar up and my hat down and admit to something I really like from the combi that many will turn their superior noses up at. They are about 10% meat and go under false advertising as a hot dog. It's those frankfurter type sausage in a bread roll packed in a cardboard and cellophane box that they heat up for you in the microwave at the counter. It is just instant gratification when you need it. Once you become accustomed to the taste you become................well, accustomed to the taste. And great with a beer. If David Beckham or Beyonce said 'Hey, these are really great", then the masses would flood the streets in search of them all the while singing the praises of the humble micro waved hot dog.

But remember! You heard it here first.

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I remember the days before Starbucks and it was either some bitter offering from Doutor in a room so thick with smoke you could not see across it or half a small cup of something vaguely coffee-like in a coffee shop. I think we have much to thank Staba for.

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I like the canned coffees with a high % of milk -like substance. There are a few which are very tasty.

Otherwise, I would say that the cold drinks in plastic cups have come a long way, and some of them are pretty tasty too. I'm thinking here of the Circle K's own, as well as some of the Mt. Rainier range.

Sugar-free canned coffees are horrid. Filthy stuff.

Finally, I was tricked by a can of coffee in browny-green shades. In my hurry I thought it was just some eco nonsense, but in fact it was a coffee-green tea blend. Bleurgh.

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Nothing hits the spot like a cold coffee-milk in one of those old-school glass bottles right after you've soaked in an onsen. For a few minutes I'm a kid again...

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It speaks volumes that Starbucks is considered "good coffee" in Japan - then again the extra care that service workers here take in making fast food products is probably part of the reason Chain-food/drink is of such a higher quality than in say, the UK where Starbucks is appalling. Or NZ/Oz where Starbucks is a joke because the local cafes are so very, very good.

The canned products have never really done it for me - on saying that I use them for a boost occasionally; which I guess is there intended purpose.

I've had some great coffee in Japan - but more often than not I'm a little disappointed.

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Not coffee, but anything from the Sekai Kitchen line, particularly the Salty Lychee, is great.

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Huge variety. Some are pretty good, some appaling. Jasmine tea is good.

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I wish there were more low sugar options among the coffee drinks. Most are sickly-sweet, and the few with no sugar added are black. You can find some low sugar options at convenience stores, but from vending machines is more difficult.

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Agree the vending machine coffee is horrible primarily due to the sweet factor. And none of the dozens of brands are remotely different from one another. Although I will say in general Boss is better than Georgia.

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The sweet coffee drinks are targeted towards blue collar worker to give them a sugar load during breaks. They sell more outside of Tokyo, mainly near construction work sites and factories. Not really meant for white collar office workers.

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Variety is the spice of life !

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No one drinks canned coffee for the taste. There are two reason that you do. 1)quick pick-me-up and 2)Warmth. that 2ns reason is what kept me going during winters in Misawa. I would buy two cans and place them in my jacket.

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Back in the 60's, stained glass decorated cofee shops with classical music in the background were a rich experience...

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Delicious!!! I love them all

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Georgia Max Coffee - because tooth decay is cool.


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It speaks volumes that Starbucks is considered "good coffee" in Japan

It's considered a good environment to have coffee, which is really what you're paying for at a coffee shop.

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Its considered a good environment to have coffee, which is really what you're paying for at a coffee shop.

Sorry, but as a european I find Starbucks unattractive in both flavour and environment plus they are way over-priced for what they are offering.

Just hyped up a lot like Tully who shut all their shops in my neighbourhood within a few months after opening.

Excelsior Cafe has some good coffee and food as does Cafe de Crie. Had a nice Cappucino plus Ebi-Tuna-Tamago sandwich for breakfast today and it cost me 400Yen at Excelsior.

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Need more pastries!

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These beverages began catching on in the late 1980s when adults began abandoning sweetened soft drinks. (Bottled water also became popular at that time.) I think it's great to have such a wide choice, and quite a few of them aren't bad. (Tully's in cans for example.) I sat down once and calculated what it costs me to make a cup at home from store-purchased ingredients and the cost was about one-third (or less) of what I pay for a can, so I would imagine both the manufacturer and retailer do pretty well from this business.

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Hot Boss; it's the best.

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