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What do you think of dating apps?


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Well I'm married so I don't think anything of them

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Well, I've got E.D, so I can only dream of them.

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Obviously these apps contribute to the contrary of what they state they are determined to, namely a lower number of marriages, following less childbirths and resulting in accelerated population decrease. I see three main reasons for that effect. First, those applications mostly use criteria sets, like fitting parameters for that a potential partner meets your set of preconditions, so you exclude beforehand all potential partners that fit less numbers of criteria. The same for the opposite attempt when apps search only for completely different criteria under the theory that counter pole persons attract each other, as in that case you ignore all potential partners with a certain too high symmetry level of common interests and characteristics. Second, while busy with those apps 24/7, most people lose their view of potential partners right next to them, on the streets, on commuting, at the workplace, at cafeterias or department stores etc. And finally third, all who use such apps are influenced by the input search parameters catalog, so they more and more develop an unrealistic set of wishes and characteristics, that no real life person in the whole universe ever can fulfill 100%.

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I've never tried dating apps but know a lot of people who do. I have mixed feelings about it. I've heard of people using them for escort service and others use them for crime (love scams, date-grape, plain old robbery, you know the deal). However, I've heard of success stories from friends who found their life partners in those apps. Personally, I don't have the self-esteem for that though I will admit it eases out searching for one in public.

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Dating an app has no appeal to me. I'd rather date a person.

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Outside of Japan they work pretty well. The entire way they are setup is for ease of use. Meetup at some place and see if they are decent or not. Works for dating and simple hookups…

Sadly Japan seems to never gotten the memo on how these apps work. Not just in how pictures chosen. Not sure who is trying to match with the back of your head, a cake, or a picture of a beach you went to 8 years ago, but you definitely shouldn’t talk to them lol.

But yeah, dating apps are a crapshoot all over in Japan it seems. The lax security and stolen pictures that permeate the domestic apps would make me upload pics with a mask or a haircut I got that one time too

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Glad I am married.

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Never used one (luckily to be of an age and era where we could meet people out and about).

but they seem like a really convenient way to fill your life with people you don’t like.?

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Well, I've got E.D, so I can only dream of them.

You can get cialis and viagra in 10 minutes in Shibuya. 1000 yen a pop but worth it. Dating apps are like a candy bar, a sugar rush then you are lower than before and maybe have a venereal disease to boot.

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They are useful for helping find a niche, but they remove the real life experience.

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Could be useful when plenty of FREE time is available, many of my friends got scammed and or tricked by these apps and many of the people on these apps seem to be a little strange.

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They're an option. Some friends found the real loves in their lives, some got laid and some nothing.

The people behind the apps, they're experts in how the human mind works.

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Terrific to get laid. Its pretty much a 100% hit rate. Couldn't imagine meeting a life partner on an app.

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If they are going to allow you to swipe left on hundreds of photos, they should just have it so only females can do so. Will set the right expectation for the guys and I say that as I guy.

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