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What do you think of home-sharing start-up Airbnb?


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A Chinese friend of mine owns a house, quite new, about an hour in a residential area out of Tokyo put it out to Aurbnb. She had so many problems from hostile Japanese neighbors as the array of International guests just could not get their head around what trash had to be put out at certain times of each day.

The house was trashed many times, left in a disgusting condition with lots of damage. Americans were the worst. Just threw the trash in the garden and rats appeared.

The house is now empty, the girl returned to Taiwan and just never wants to come back.

Lesson here is, the Japanese neihbours just will not accept airbnb guests around and will create hell for them and the renter.

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Your story sounds more like the 'guests' were creating hell for the neighborhood. ;)

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Also sounds like her Chinese friend undersestimated the amount of work maintaining a BnB would be. It's not just 'let people stay and get money'.

Anyway, I'm all for AirBNB, just wished I lived in a place where I could take advantage of it.

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"What do you think of home-sharing start-up Airbnb?"

Generally A Young person's thing... ;-)

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A friend is now experiencing an AirBNB situation in which rooms in his apartment (mansion) house is being let out to international visitors. He is besieged with all kinds of strange problems, including a constant flow of unknown people living in an apartment next to his. He has complained to the owner of the building, but gets only apologies. It's a wonder the hotel industry doesn't complaign about this program as it is robbing the industry of potential guests.

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Both AirBNB for accommodation and Uber for taxis are getting a lot of bad publicity and reviews of late; mainly badly-behaved guests for AirBNB, while Uber has issues with many of the drivers. Both are accused of depriving the regular hotel and taxi companies of guests/ passengers.

Looks like some sort of QC/ intro/ verification system is required.

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@wanderlust, I agree. Wouldn't mind some good AirBNB options, myself, but must also say some kind of Quality Control is necessary. I think it's a minority of 'guests' who abuse such properties, and as a former BnB owner/operator I know it requires hands-on management, not absentee landlord-ism (bad word, I know, but you get the idea, I'm sure).

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In theory I like it. A decade from now, when I'm retired, I'd like to be able to spend a month or two in New York, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Chicago etc. without paying full hotel prices.

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I am thinking of doing my own BNB for the Olympics for two weeks. It is actually against the law, so not sure how people are doing this.

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Airbnb is best when there's someone living in the house maintaining the place.

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shonanbb Most people are simply doing it illegaly in Japan. The law doesn't seem to be enforced frequently, but if it happens to you (neighbors reporting you or authorities stumbling upon your case), you'll probably be arrested. Look for "British expat arrested short-stay hotel" in google.

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Uncensored Airbnb Stories from Hosts & Guests

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I've used it a few times and it's generally been a positive experience. As a couple of others have pointed out, if the host lives close by and cares for the property it is a better experience.

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