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What do you think of Japanese TV programs? Seen anything you like?


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To keep it simple.....No! But it's television for a very different audience. I had no idea why for the last few weeks people we'd come up to me gesturing saying "why Japanese people?"

Dunno...you tell me why

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I love the food and travel shows. The show where they rebuild someone's home is nice too, but the music gets old really fast. And, they need to dump Bobby and his stupid voice on the show, "Why did you come to Japan?"

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The only one I usually like (there have been some "flops") is "Before/After". They've done some amazing things to small houses. (sometimes where the bathroom was outside the house !)

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There is simply nothing worth watching on Japanese TV. So when we moved to Okinawa about ten years ago, we left the TV behind. Haven't missed it since.

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There are some good documentaries. I also like NHK's "Close-Up Gendai" with Hiroko Kuniya and "News Watch 9."

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They are terrible.


But, interesting that two ppl already mentioned 'Before After' in a positive light. I agree that is the only semi-watchable show on Japanese TV. They could leave out the studio sections though.

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Yeah, Before After is pretty cool. I like that show.

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The travel programs and variety shows rock!

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I like "Shimura Zoo," "Why Did You Come to Japan?," "Itte Q," the show where Seiji or some buddy of his finds a Japanese national living in some remote, improbably place and the occasional drama. Sometimes Takeshi Kitano's show where they recreate crimes is interesting as well. "Chibi Maruko-Chan" and "Sazae-San" kind of relax me and make me feel all is right with the world.


As for the billions upon billions of shows where a couple of people stroll around doing nothing and then go to some small mom-and-pop restaurant with little inset shots of comedians and talent back at the studio reacting actively infuriate me. I don't know what's worse-- how boring and inane those things are or that there's apparently an audience that adores them enough to keep them on the air.

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Dreadful. Brainless food programmes, one trick pony 'stand up' segments, dubiously-sourced news & reporting. And the corner panes on the TV screen showing the presenters' faces! Yes, show us how to react!

Then again, at least Japan hasn't succumbed to the infestation that's attacked TV abroad - reality TV. Let's not go down that rabbit hole!

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Yep, most utter crap! May 1-2% is kinda watchable. We have a tv for the mrs & its on & I sometimes start watching & then after a bit realize anything would be more productive than to continue watching............

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It's hit and miss, same as all TV everywhere. Shaky close-ups of food held up by chopsticks has me reaching for the remote, and I do think there are too many boring 'burabura' walking around shows. However, even the 'walking around' genre has the occasional gems. For example, Shoujiki Sanpo is not too bad sometimes and there's another show I've seen where the presenters were basically doing bar crawls and talking to whatever randoms they came across.

Quiz shows also aren't bad (though sometimes they're a bit long). Dramas are generally not world-class fare in my opinion, but where the concept is interesting, the drama usually is too.

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It's constant garbage. Every word they say appearing on the screen. The sheepish drawn out "Ehhhhhh", in unison, when the audience is surprised. The constant "UMAI !!" or "Oishi- !!" whenever something is eaten. The sports commentators all announce games the exact same way with that emphatic " KIMASHITA---- !!" And the newscasts are delivered by robot like (expressionless) reporters. Worse, the networks employing them like it that way.

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植物男子ベランダー is a good comedy drama. Unique.

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"Dekichatta Kekkon", "Hotaru no Hikari" (and 2), and "Around 40" were pretty good.

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Yeah the Gaki no Tsukai stuff on Sunday night is great... that's about it.

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Last thing I liked on Japanese TV was Long Vacation (and Neruton... but I don't talk about that one too much. ;))

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I like some of the dramas... I have quite a few on DVD. Police dramas I particularly enjoy. Not a fan of the talent or panel shows, but the documentaries are quite good.

One thing missing though - a car show like Top Gear. With the amount of petrol heads in Japan you'd think that someone would have licenced the series for Japan...

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The synchronised smiling and laughing on variety shows makes me think the talents must have done lots of exercises to develop their facial muscles. I do feel bad for the ones who missed the cue telling them that the camera was going to focus on them but were caught looking bored. Or maybe they were resting their facial muscles in between smiles.

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Well, if there wouldn't be some interesting travel programs now and again I would not turn the TV on at all.

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I love the quiz programs, especially Q-sama and Miracle 9. Also like Rekishi Hiwa Historia and Family History. And Shoten. Also love the old programs you can see on SkyPerfecTV -- the NHK Taiga dramas are far superior to the crummy recent ones. Unfortunately, all the good older programs are now on DVD, so they are not shown anymore.

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Mysteries. At least they talk in normal tones. The horrible high pitched voices on the variety show s really must go. Along with that one guy's laugh I hear on every single variety show. Wow, how he gets around.

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Seen anything you like?

Is this a trick question? You cannot put "Seen anything you like" on the same page as "Japanese television programs". The only words which fit together more poorly are "German" and "comedy".

What is there to like? The same faces talking about the same inane nonsense every evening? Seeing "talentos" tasting udon at different restaurants every day, always gasping with delight and crying "umai!" every single time? Even my dog starts crying if I turn on the television.

Thank god for Hulu, Netflix, and Youtube.

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Comedy Drama I like! Also Travel and Food!

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Too many useless cooking shows Too many useless tarentos running around 'umai'ing' everything they taste with mock expressions of surprise. Barf !! Too many 'reporters', both in the field and guesting in studios, who read their 'opinions', as defined by the TV station. Too much coverage on typhoons and some other things. Report and move on; they drive it into the ground until the audience pukes. News shows? Especially domestic news. They'll take 10 mins of broadcast time and report on some grandmother who makes erasers or something 'important' like that. News? I don't think so. So called 'directors' of genzai no dorama shows should be paying folks to watch their crap. It's cookie-cutter directing. Elementary 6th year students can direct better! The acting and directing is faaaaaaaaar better in jidaigekis.
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the "test pattern" late at night is the most interesting show by far. thank god for the internet, a gajins mental therapy for avoiding insanity

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thank god for the internet, a gajins mental therapy for avoiding insanity

:) I got to Japan in the early 90s. J TV was pretty bad, particularly the late night English language programing.

They played 1971 Melody (SWALK) on extended loops from 1 am to the morning. After coming home on the last train, I'd watch this cheese fest in the vain attempt to bore myself into sleep.

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