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What do you think of lasik eye surgery?


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Had it done last year, should have had it done long before that. The new higher price one (not the highest) was no pain and glasses in the trash when I walked out.

Was on the table for about seven minutes. Done in Shinagawa.

You can however over correct your vision, I can see for long distance, but now need reading glasses, 1.5.

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Had it done years ago, one of the best decisions I ever made. Like Okinawamike, I wish I'd had it done long before. But O-Mike, it isn't 'overcorrection' - you're just noticing the effects of presbyopia. For most folks it comes gradually over the years, for those of us who have been lasikked, it comes gradually the same, but we notice it immediately after the surgery as a big change.

I understand there's a style of surgery now that leaves one eye more short-sighted than the other, so that you can use one for long distance and the other for reading. I imagine that could take a bit of getting used to.

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I had it four years ago after a lifetime of wearing glasses. Best decision I ever made. Now I have incredible vision. However, for those who are considering Lasik, do your research and don't do it on the cheap. Go to the best clinic you can afford ( I spent 300,000 yen at Baptist Clinic in Kyoto.) Also, if doctors advise you that you are unsuited for the procedure, don't go ahead with it anyway. Most people who get unsatisfactory results either have disregarded professional advice or have used a cheap practitioner.

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I'm afraid of post surgery complications. A small percent suffer from side effects that can't be corrected. I'll keep waiting for it to be perfected where the problems are infinitesimally small.

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Cleo, and OkinawaMike: yes,most people need reading glasses as they get older, even after Lasik, that is true for me, too.

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Go get at least two professional, independent opinions on whether you would benefit from it since laser surgeries are complex. Carefully discuss the visual situations you hope to correct, your various expectations, and all potential risks and complication with your surgeon. You need to ascertain whether your surgeon is properly qualified and has had plenty of experience. Finally ask him how many of their patients have had to come in for further treatment. If you're still not convinced, maybe just treat yourself to a new pair of glasses. However this state-of-art technology can provide great precision to help people with major vision problems.

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My girlefriend had it done 6 years ago and says it was the best money she ever spent. I am presbyopic now (getting old) but have heard that there is now an op similar to Lasik which can correct that too. Nervous to try but hate carrying reading lgassed with me, so may give it a go this year.

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I had a sight correcting lasser operation about....17 years ago but not in Japan though. I did it as soon as my age allowed me and to be true I am still happy that I did it. The doctor did tell me that there may be some complications in the future, but until now there are none. Yes I still need sunglasses but that is no complication at all.

For the time being, I have no need of reading glasses either.

Though my sight problems were not only myopia... I still suffer for heavy degree of astigmatism and color blind too...

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Get it when you're still young enough for any correction to last for a reasonable length of time.

Quite a number of my later middle-aged friends had it done, and it was great for a while, until their eyes started to naturally change. In a couple of cases this was only a year, or two, and then they had to wear glasses again. So, was it worth it?

My own optometrist, who's highly trained, and regionally known as a top specialist, told me not to do it. I'd need glasses in a year again anyway.

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will alsways remember watching TV just after my wife had it and the joy in her voice as she said she could see properly.that alone was worth the money.

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In patients with eye problems that need correcting with an invasive procedure, the focus (!) is on the safety of any procedure first, then its effectiveness, and finally duration of outcome. Patients do not want any worsening of their condition through poor technique or faulty procedure. The eyes are their windows on the world.

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Being on the edge of geezerhood I have wondered if I did lasik if my eyes would simply alter again a year or so down the line nulling the initial result........... got me thinking, maybe I will read up on it, would love to ditch my specs but would likely have to continue to use them for reading by the sounds of it.........ah what to do!

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Had it done several years ago and happy I did. Used to suffer from myopia and got tired of wearing glasses or contacts. Now don't have to worry about contacts popping out when I'm out and about, bringing saline, contact lens case, glasses, etc. For nearsighted folks I would definitely recommend; just make sure you're OK'd for the procedure by your eye doctor. I'm not sure if the newer procedures can take care of astigmatism though.

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I'll stick to my glasses... no way am I having lasers blasted into my eyes.

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After the lasers, I still wake up after a heavy booze session in the gutter but with clear vision (although its often not the best thing to have when one looks at what is lying beside thee); a great alternative to waking up with contact lenses stuck to the eyeballs and fogged retinas. Unfortunately it still doesn't get rid of the agonizing hangover...

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Lasik (or any of the other laser surgeries) cannot solve Presbyopia (lit. "old eyes"). It affects every human being on the planet. This isn't a disease you can avoid by eating healthy and exercising because it's part of the body's aging process. Starting around age 35, you'll begin to notice you can't focus as close as you used to. This will continually get worse until age 60 or so when the rate of change slows (but doesn't stop). Having laser eye surgery can fix you NOW, but the conditions causing Presbyopia are ongoing. Five years from now you'd find you need another round of laser eye surgery.

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I had my Lasik eye surgery recently and was very happy with the results. For years I was wearing glasses and contacts and my eyesight would get a little worse each year. I could not see or read anything in front of me unless I was on top of it. I had wanted to get Lasik done but the cost was the main reason why I didn't pursue it, then a close friend suggested a trusted medical tourism company. They gave me a list of trusted hospital around the world ( http://www.placidway.com/cost-searchlist/Turkey,LASIK_Surgery,Eye/Lasik_Care/ ). I had my surgery in Turkey, since it's the nearest country for me. I know the procedure itself seemed quite daunting, but I have done research online, and the hospital had many great success in this procedure. It has been one month since my surgery. My eyes are great! I had my check up here at home for second opinion, and they said I have 20/20 in both eyes. The surgery was a total success.

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I am planning to have Eye Laser Surgery but I am very scared of pain and side effects of Laser Surgery, so will you please tell about this eye surgery is it safe? And what is the cost of it?

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