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What do you think of NHK? Do you like any of their programs?


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When we moved to Okinawa, we decided to leave the TV behind. That was eight years ago. We don't miss it.

The best thing I can say about NHK is that it didn't have loud and mind-dumbingly stupid advertising.

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They have some very good documentaries and I Iike "Close-Up Gendai" with Hiroko Kuniya. The 9 p.m. news program often has some interesting news background features.

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Most of the programs I like are actually from abroad - some US documentaries, comedies, dramas and BBC documentaries. Close-Up is interesting too. I would say NHK is the best out of the lot, but that's not saying much when you see what the other Japanese channels have to offer. I have never seen any really thought-provoking Japanese documentary which really tackles serious issues. Glad I don't have a TV now either. Don't need it. For emergencies, I have one-seg on my mobile and my partner's two TVs.

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Darwin ga kita is a good animal documentary show. The NHK Educational High School shows are very well done e.g. Chemistry and earth science.

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They've done, and continue to do, some great documentary programming, including the "Professional" series; the "Cosmic Front" series on space and astronomy-related issues; the "Shin Nihon Fudoki" series (in reruns on BS-1), which takes a really people-oriented, in-depth view of Japanese rural and cultural life; and many one-off documentaries on world culture, history, and modern society. (They've run a strong--and, indeed, thought-provoking--series on political and social issues facing China, among others.) They've also provided surprisingly even-handed coverage of the aftermath and long-term impact of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Some of their documentaries covering Japanese Buddhist art and architecture have been incredible.

That said, I do wish they'd stop taking the quiz show/"expert" panel route with some of their documentaries--it cheapens the material and actually makes for less interesting viewing. And some of their attempts to be hip and current are just, well, clunky and sad.

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Regarding Japanese news and documentaries, it's probably your only credible channel. I am not a fan myself but a lot of my Japanese friends are keen on the Asadora and Taiga formats. It sometimes churns out a quality drama like Gaiji Keisatsu, Kare - Otto - Otoko Tomodachi, or Made in Japan (well only the first episode was a bit daring).

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they do some good programs but i object to the way they are funded. just add it the price to the TV when you buy it instead of wasting money sending people to collect.

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I suppose it's the only channel we watch regularly, for the news and documentaries.

I don't begrudge the license fee.

I know folk who work for NHK. They earn every last red yen of their salary, and then some.

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I find their documentaries / panel programmes too "safe" - by that I mean they don't push the envelope in terms of investigative journalism. Why didn't they throttle TEPCO after March 11 and get the real info out of them? As usual, just passive, Much like the news reporting. Just zero personality.

BBC is far, far better in both it's style and, more importantly, it's CONTENT. I would be happy to pay for what they offer, but absolutely detest paying for NHK

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What I don't like is being forced to pay for something I don't watch. NHK execs must have made big donations to whatever lawmakers passed that one.

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Am a regular NHK watcher ...

Always watch NHK's excellent history drama, which is shown on Sunday nights and runs for nearly a year. I believe the present series ends either this Sunday or next Sunday. It is about Yae Neesima, wife of Joseph Hardy Neesima (or Niijima Jo), the founder of Doshisha University in Kyoto. It covers Yae's life from the Boshin War in Fukushima Prefecture, where she was an expert sniper for the Aizu Castle clan, to just after Jo's death. She lived from 1845 to 1931 and Jo lived from 1843 to 1890.

Also watch NHK's popular morning drama, which this time around is entitled "Gochi-so San" and takes place in the early 1920s. These 15-minute daily dramas run for sixth months. The last series was entitled "Ama-Chan," and took place in the tsunami-hit area in Fukushima Prefecture.

Moreover, NHK always provides plenty of sports coverage, especially Major League Baseball in the summer months and European soccer in the winter months.

Then there is the nightly news coverage at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., which can be picked up in English read by native-English speakers. The only problem here is, it seems they use British-style English to cover baseball, which just can't be done by these people.

Otherwise, thumbs up for NHK's coverage ...

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. NHK execs must have made big donations to whatever lawmakers passed that one.

You have it completely wrong, Govt set up and funds NHK! Govt tells NHK what they can broadcast although they will deny it. NHK is a puppet that spins govt spin and never questions in a meaningful way it's masters' actions.

Never watch it.

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Probably the only J-channel I watch regularly. I mostly watch on BS though, premium channel. Love the MLB coverage during the season, now its European Soccer. They also have live games in the morning, whether MLB, NFL or NBA specially if a Japanese plays for a team(MLB). They also have good documentaries and international news every morning. Also, 15mins of morning drama isn`t really that bad, one way of learning Japanese too.

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Non-news stuff may be stomach-able but "news" wise they are simply a mouth piece for the govt, they have no stones to do real reporting so are even worse then the rest of j-tv-stns!

This country is in dire need of some real reporting on a MASSIVE scale

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I love NHK, and the older we get the more we watch it.

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i just love different programs that NHK broadcast

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