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What do you think of Nissan's decision to buy a controlling stake in scandal-hit Mitsubishi Motors?


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It's their money (I hope)...

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A waste of time? What we need is more automakers, not fewer. I would rather have a large group of small makers than very small group of large automakers. Smaller companies can innovate and compete more quickly and readily than larger companies. And in times of economic hardship, we don't need to use taxpayer funds to bail out companies which are considered "too big to fail." But the larger companies have been putting the smaller ones out of business, or preventing new competitors from emerging for the last 6 decades, which is why there are so few car manufacturers now.

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This deal will be very correctly seen as a hostile takeover.

Good luck getting the two cultures to collaborate.

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Well, as it was Nissan who leaked the information of Mitsubishi's cheating in the first place, the decision had obviously been made quite some time ago.

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A very smart (and devious) play by Nissan to get Mitsubishi Motors stock at a 50% discount. Should work for both long term.

Vehicles should be sent to a national center for final fuel economy testing. And I would like to see another test for fuel economy in traffic-jam type conditions (helps electric/hybrids) = many large cities experience this with the growing dependence on cars (China/Brazil/Asia/Seoul/Tokyo Etc)

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traffic-jam type conditions (helps electric/hybrids)

All of Japan, whether it be descending from mountains or negotiating its myriad superfluous traffic lights, is perfect for vehicles with regenerative braking/coasting.

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Well I hope this helps Mitsubishi more than Nissan.

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I don't know why you're getting upvotes. Do you drive a car owned by a "smaller" company? The answer is no, and there are many good reasons why economies of scale and large car businesses work.

The next time you write something, try and think about what you're saying - I don't think anyone here would choose a fledgling car company with no quality controls and no safety history over a toyota.

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A very smart (and devious) play by Nissan

And yet I keep thinking MMC were complicit. Is this not just a preconceived plans by both parties?

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Adapt of get extinct.

Classic example of japanese companies seriously failing to adapt to rapidly changing business dynamics across the globe. More to follow in coming years....

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typo >>> "Adapt or get extinct"

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And yet I keep thinking MMC were complicit. Is this not just a preconceived plans by both parties?

Of course Mitsubishi and Nissan knew the fuel efficiency of the cars in question was artificially high. These people are not dumb, but when a 10% (or less) fuel efficiency issue causes a 50% sale price in a competitor flush with cash you take advantage and become closer friends and maybe even family. Mitsubishi had few cars involved in the Takata air bag scandal. Ripe for the picking some would say.

Look at DieselGate. All those companies BMW, Mercedes, Opel (German GM), Fiat, VW, Audi knew their diesels were bending the EU rules or outright cheating in diesel emissions. Will we see a new SCR (selective catalyst reduction - urea/def) system added to these diesel cars like the big trucks have?

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