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What do you think of obesity drugs that control the appetite through receptors in the brain?


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What else are these drugs controlling besides appetite?

Your wallet!

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I imagine in many cases these drugs don't work because the people didn't get obese in the first place by paying attention to their appetites, eating only when they were hungry and stopping eating when they were no longer hungry. Controlling the appetite isn't going to help people who are paying little or no attention to their appetite in the first place.

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I'll bet the drug makers are making money off this.

What else are these drugs controlling besides appetite?

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I pay more into the system than I get out - because i look after myself and thankfully haven't had any accidents.

I think someone doesn't understand the concept of insurance. You pay in, and hope you won't have to claim. If you do fall ill or suffer an accident, thankfully the insurance is there to pay for your treatment.

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So what;s your point as clearly you agree with what I said above.

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Seems two folks are silly enough....

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Indeed wipeout that is how the system works but who gets more treatment? It isn't the healthy people who look after themselves. On average it is people who don't look after themselves. Surely you aren't silly enough to argue that, are you?

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Wipeout, they don't "prop" me up. I pay more into the system than I get out - because i look after myself and thankfully haven't had any accidents. The same can't be said for smokers who are constantly sick who visit doctors a few times a year, fat people who do the same...

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. All schools need to get serious about educating students on how not to get fat in the first place. All governments of countries with obesity problems need to ensure that companies promoting unhealthy diets and lifestyles either change or fail.

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Two thumbs down for trying to save taxpayers money... Nothing like a nanny state folks.

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All for it as long as it isn't covered by health care. You can't control yourself and want to lose weight? Pay for it yourself. I'm also all for charging fat people, smokers, heavy drinkers more for their health care. Why should the rest of us prop these folks up with regards to their health?

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According to statistics, people only lose 5% of their weight taking those. Plus, many of those pills come with chances of getting cancer or cardiovascular diseases. Walking for 30 minutes three times a week would be more beneficial and cheaper.

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Mmmmmm sounds delicious.

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Giving medicine to genuinely ill people is one thing. Giving pills to people because they are too lazy to do it on their own (which the vast amount of overweight people are) is not the answer. It's just another shortcut that will make people even more dependent on external crutches.

However, as a believer in the free market, I believe people should be able to create and sell whatever they want, provided people are willing to buy it with their own money.

Just don't expect me to support any tax dollar subsidies of this to treat some kind of "obesity epidemic" or something. Ain't my fault you can't control your eating.

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Probably the drugs are cheaper than the illnesses they have higher chances to contract due to their obesity. It's basically the same question with smokers and heavy drinkers - should society pay for the lack of self-discipline of its members, because it will be cheaper in the end. On the other hand, humans have the right to be obese if they like. Ordering people to be thin and healthy is against basic human rights. Bad problem...

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Lame that you have to use drugs to teach new tricks to your brain.

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Sounds good where can I get some?

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Squidbert yes i can see the chock treatment working well on the obese lol.

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@TrevorPeace1, So just so I understand what you are saying here. Mentally Ill people don't deserve any help, and deserve to pay 10fold for ineffective medicine?

Maybe we should just lock all the fat people, smokers and alcoholics and give them chock treatment? Perhaps we should go back to drilling holes in their skulls to let the evil spirits out?

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I'd say the suckers who need those drugs are too undisciplined to diet and exercise properly, and deserve nothing but to pay ten-fold the going price of the 'wonder' drug. Wonder my *ss - most cases of obesity are indicative of a mental illness, as are most drug dependencies.

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Better than nothing, but if people are not eating right they still won't be healthy.

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