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What do you think of Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto?


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Hitler rose to power in an age where people were sick and tired of wishy-washy politicians. He also had loads of charisma and a rock star attitude and ego.

History is repeating itself.

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I think he'll be Prime Minister within 3 years.

Yes, he will....a fascist prime minister. No more than Japan deserves, really.

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My wife told me he was "kakko ii" the other day, because unlike all the other weak, mumbly politicians, Hashimoto can actually get things done.

I was like, "Yeah, like Hitler." Tried to explain to her, that just because someone can get things done, doesn't mean the things they are doing are good things. Japanese are just dying for a politician that isn't 100% weak and ineffectual. In the current political climate, anyone with strength will get respect no matter what they stand for.

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What do I think? I think he is garbage, he stinks and appeals to the lowest common denominator of voter in Japan. He will therefore become the most popular PM Japan has ever seen!

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Hashimoto is totalitarian pond scum. Which says something about the people who elected him.

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@tmarie I think you're one of the few people who can actually see through this guy! And it's very scary that you got so many thumbs down.

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I think he'll be Prime Minister within 3 years.

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Give him time - he'll be worse than Ishihara when he's Ishihara's age.

I think the guy is scum. Fascist scum.

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And he's this century's Fumimaro Konoe!

And Ishihara's the new Tojo!

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The guy's a wannabe dictator/nutjob!

And what he's putting those poor teachers through?

The mayor before him at least believed in democracy!

In my opinion, Hashimoto's as bad as Ishihara!

Even worse!!

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A fascist's dream come true.

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Better than Tokyo mayor Shintaro Ishihara. Hashimoto is more friendly and down to earth. He is also a better businessman. Plus he likes a drink and good night out.

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I find him way too patriotic

I find it frightening that these sort of traits tend to get worse with age,

..And true, he can seem cute at times.

Pass the bucket.

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While if it was personal relations, I could probably like the guy. I find him way too patriotic. I group him in the Ive studied-foreign -subjects-and-have-a-grudge-on-my-shoulders. ie.probably, I learnt what I know from somebody who said they wre Japanese but were at a foreign established building, therefore the building and who I know have taught me well, but they still havent understood me + Ive got balls.....And true, he can seem cute at times.

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