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What do you think of ride-booking service Uber? Have you had any problems with it?


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The one and only time I availed of the service; the driver got lost on the way to the airport and overcharged. Never again.

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The only problem I've ever experienced is that part of my fare is unnecessarily siphoned off to Silicon Valley and local democracy is eroded when companies think they are above the law just because they have an app. Other than that, no problems.

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Used it several times in places with few taxis. I was pleasantly surprised at the low cost and swift service. Will definitely continue to use. The one time I felt overcharged I emailed Uber and they immediately refunded the charge.

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I think it's awful. There have been problems in London wth drivers with convictions not having obligatory criminal records checks, no insurance and even incidents of drivers using another's licence. The number of drivers investigated for sexual assault is worrying too. They also get lost often. Give me a proper London taxi driver who has done the Knowledge every time.

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@Luddite, you are proving my point. Of course there are ample taxis in large cities such as London, but in vast parts of the US, and I imagine your country, you may have a hard time finding a local taxi. I was basically stranded in Gainesville, Florida and would have had to rent a car at 11 pm at night or find a local taxi phone number, but easily got a ride to my hotel for 8 dollars using Uber. Certainly not "awful".

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@Reckless. I think getting into a car with a stranger who has had no police checks and no idea where they are going is 'awful'. The times when I haven't been able to get a cab in London at night I have used the bus or even walked rather than use Uber.

Stories like this http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/uber-rape-trial-cab-driver-5987096 and there have been many before and since, means I will never use Uber or similar taxi services.

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I use it in Hong Kong and Singapore constantly when traveling on business. I use it here in Japan about two or three times a month. Here it is a fancy taxi and not much more expensive than a regular taxi. Advantages are that they come excactly to where I am, know where I'm going and I simply get out when I get to my destination, no farting around with payment. I can easily switch between my personal account or business, which makes it easy to track for expenses. Also, it's connected to my Starwood account so I get points towards free hotel stays while I'm at it. I'm a fan.

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Ultradork: Ditto. I use it in the US where there have been no problems that I have heard of regarding sexual assault or the sort.

I think what Luddite in describing in the UK is awful... why are they (quality of Uber) so different from country to country?

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