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What do you think of school uniform dress codes in Japan?


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That they're symbolic of the uniformity of education writ large. Individuality and critical thinking are stamped out b/c god forbid anyone pretends to be different. You gotta have wa. As a culture and as a society, the Japanese have no idea what's lost as a result of this crush of conformity.

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Lots of schools in countries around the world have them (uniforms, dress codes). And kids around the world will push the boundaries of what is allowed with those rules.

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The boys in jackets must be sweating like mad in the summer, and the girls in mini-skirts and younger boys in shorts must be freezing in the winter.

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School uniforms can serve a good and useful purpose, it can help to undermine elitism and displays of wealth. The uniform needs to be fit for purpose, not expensive and required for the right reasons, not merely for uniformity.

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I think uniforms are a good idea, all children looking the same and not competing, but the uniforms here are sexist. Both boys and girls should be able to wear trousers or skirts.

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They are too restrictive. The idea of a uniform isn't so bad, but in Japan, it is not a dress code, it is this exact blazer or this exact gym kit bought from the one shop with a monopoly right over it. This means that a school uniform and gym kit can cost double or more comparable blazers, skirts, swimsuits etc. All for something your child may grow out of.

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Let the girls wear trousers, and let the boys wear skirts/kilts if they want to.

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Classic Japanese School Uniform such as in movie 1959 Good Morning by Yasujiro Ozu and 2002 Blue Spring are the best.

Also SailorMoon Uniform should be in every school/college with any type of hairstyles and makeups.

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I think their school uniforms (sailor-based uniforms in particular) are remnants of Japan's bygone era. While I will not mention anything more about that, their uniforms look very presentable but would sometimes be too impractical for the weather. I've seen boys wearing the gakuran during hot days and girls wearing the short skirt in sub-zero temperatures, all because they had to. I think this is carried over to their adult stage where people would still wear the suit and tie under the sweltering heat of the summer and wouldn't even loosen their tie or remove their coat.

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As stale and boring as the rest of Japan's education system. A perfect fit

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They can be good if they are season specific. I sometimes see especially boys in black, long sleeve jackets even in summer. Also, get rid of black, there are other colors. One benefit is that less affluent kids can fit in easily without using clothes as status.

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(Lol, don't ask what ya don't want answers for)

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Pretty pointless, tbh.

I reckon once the kids hit secondary school, they should be allowed wear whatever they want.

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I don't care about the dress codes too much. But one thing I want to state is that the dress codes are oldfashioned. One example is that girls are obliged to wear skirt instead pants, whereas boys have to wear pants instead of the shorter one. By the way, I still haven't been convinced that a lot of schools have harsh rules for hairstyle, especially againt boys. What do you think? I'd like to talk about that matter in the next time.

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what jc said.

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