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What do you think of so-called influencers on social media?


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I like to think of myself as an influencer by leaving clever comments on here.

But seriously, I think influencers like the Jenners or the Kardashians who rose to fame just because they are wealthy are not worth anyone's time. Narcissistic behaviour shouldn't be given a platform.

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The vast majority of them are of little use to society.

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Considering the algorithms used by the platforms to manipulate content to users in such ways that benefit their business models? Should this question actually be: "What do you think of being manipulated on social media?"

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What do I think of so-called influencers on social media?

I don't think of them at all, they do not impinge on my life at all.

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All the narcissistic "me" generation ready and willing to shill anything to put a buck in their pocket. Zero substance.

Only people they're influencing are their own moronic demographic.

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sad and pathetic, they really need professional help

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Not really sure. I mean, there's a part of me that admires their drive and ambition to make something of themselves but a lot of them go about in the wrong way. This new young generation has such a "look at me; look at me" mentality that it's a tad bit worrying.

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Not much.

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They're just faces for the capitalist system to puppet

They aren't allowed to exist otherwise

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Nothing, to be honest I have no opinion on them at all, as they only influence themselves and the ones who follow them. And that whole scene doesn’t reach or influence me.

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Narcissistic behaviour shouldn't be given a platform.

I dunno. I think that would probably mean no platform for actors and politicians. I suppose we do need politicians.

I suppose we can put the social media influencers and actors in the same basket. We don’t have to pay attention to it if we don’t want to.

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Yawn, swipe left.

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If there were no Internet, they'd be working at MacDonald's or as pole dancers.

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I think the same thing about them as I do about advertising presentations between shows on various TV channels, or about TV shows where they covertly advertise a certain restaurant or ramen place by "accidentally" choosing it on the way somewhere and the place just happens to be empty and everyone just happens to be ready - it often benefits from the mental simplicity or outright stupidity of others. Sometimes it's so obvious that it's some sort of advertising presentation that it makes me want to cry. But to each their own.

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There would be no so-called 'influencers' if there was no 'social media'. None of them would ever have been published in what's now called 'main-stream media' unless it was a letter to an editor. They have absolutely no value.

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Most 'influencers' work hard to build a fan base. It isn't easy. If that's what they want to do, good luck to them.

Everyone has to make a living and they are giving it a go in a competitive environment. It's not for everyone. You need to be tough and confident. You are painting a target on yourself. I've seen some take odd paths as a result of living a section of their life in the company of a vociferous, demanding, fickle global audience.

Not all vloggers or YouTubers are aspiring to be 'influencers'. Many are simply sharing a hobby or offering useful advice to help others.

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