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What do you think of so-called influencers on social media?


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I don’t

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Trite. Shills. Annoying. Undeserving.

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BS.just to be short,you figure out.

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There are some, a minority, who I think are positive. They go around doing good deeds for people, such as offering to pay people's grocery bills, or pay for their tank of gas for example. I saw a couple of videos the other day of a person who would challenge others to call their parent(s) out of the blue and tell them that they love and appreciate them. The parents' reactions were quite something.

I know it is all filmed, they are not totally random acts of kindness, and I am pretty sure they profit from their videos. However. That doesn't mean they don't actually help other people out, and perhaps inspire others to do so - even if it is not completely altruistic as they'd like us to believe.

As for the rest of them, they can do what they like, although overall, I think Reels and Tiktok and equivalent are forces for evil.

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But the "followers" give these "influencers" the power. Don't be influenced, and they'll lose their power too.

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They do not influence me or my family at all.

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I myself do not follow nor give a damn about these folks.

But I admit they are very good at what they do in terms of marketing and branding. In a highly competitive field where anyone can become one, it isn't easy to come up with new ideas at the level of pace trends tend to run these days and remain relevant. Those who consume this type of media tend to have a shorter attention span and crave new content in a shorter period, so I wouldn't say it is an easy job to come up with new content and trends in a short period of time to remain relevant and gain/ retain your followers. But at the same time people are less likely to remember the content you put out in a few weeks so I guess the quality of the content would be a whole different topic.

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Less tiresome than talento.

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What do you think of so-called influencers on social media?

That they only influence those who let themselves be influenced...

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I try not to.

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The majority of them are scam artists. They're like those salespeople who used to come to your door to hawk their wares only now you can't escape them because we're all plugged in to the internet all the time.

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Using a math term I would say there’s ‘no existing intersection’ or so. They probably exist and influence some people in their world, but not in my one. That’s all about this useless phenomenon.

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Their are billion of ignorant people on the internet, people are getting paid for making other people ignorant like them

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They are a mixed bag, like most people who place themselves in the public eye.

Some produce genuinely interesting content. Some, you wouldn't want to get stuck in a lift with.

It takes guts to put yourself on the line, the way they do. They take a lot of abuse and criticism. Some can't deal with it, and retire hurt. It's not an easy way to make a living. The ones that pull in the big bucks that you hear about on the TV are a very small minority.

Don't prejudge them. They are just trying to do there thing like the rest of us. I suppose we aren't that dissimilar from them. But we just write text and are strictly amateur.

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Mental laxative.

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Reminds me of the idea that many people have a novel in their minds, but in the vast majority of cases, that’s where it should stay.

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