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What do you think of some of the Japanese titles given to foreign movies when they are distributed in Japan?


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Napoleon Dynamite: バスの男

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Karate Kid: ベスト キッド (Besuto Kiddo)

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it's the same with the titles of Japanese shows being changed Tenki no Ko to Weathering With You in English where it should've been Weather Girl and Attack on Titan for Shingeki no Kyojin instead of Advancing Giants. I think it's a way to make the show appealing to the foreign audience.

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Dumb and Dumber: Mr. ダムー

Dumb and Dumber to: Mr. ダムー バカMAX!

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stupid. keep the original names

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Creative juices were overflowing when they renamed the one with Jeff Daniels and his daughter chasing migrating fowl on an ultralight plane.

Fly Away Home--way too wordy. Boiled down to generic Goose.

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