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What do you think of streaming providers Hulu and Netflix? Do you watch their content?


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Seeing as watching paint dry is more entertaining than Japanese TV, Netflix has been a godsend.

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Hulu was great until their Japanese operations were sold to a Japanese company, at which time the quality of their content took a massive nose-dive. Speaking as a foreigner, obviously. 'We Japanese' probably didn't see it that way.

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I wish Netflix Japan add more subtitles to its content, English for the JP students learning the language, Japanese on JP movies for foreign students, and even for me when I am watching a Spanish or German movie.. I don;t understand, it's in their catalog on overseas Netflix channels, should be easy to do it. Anyway, overall content is good, price is worth any NHK payment

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Can you watch American content?

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I've got Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. Prime has the most limited foreign content, but has a massive amount of Japanese content. Hulu is very strong on Japanese content and has some good foreign titles exclusively. Netflix is quickly pulling out ahead of the rest though as they are releasing huge amounts of original content as well as huge amounts of foreign content. Plus, you can unblock Netflix to get US Netflix content too. I'm keeping all 3 though

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Hulu WAS good until they decided to flood it with 80% or so domestic garbage (some good stuff, too), to the detriment of the movies they had stored and Western programs. Netflix VERY quickly become superior in terms of everything from interface to archives to original programming. I dropped Hulu recently because it kept dropping what I marked liked (then brought some back and asked me to continue, which I did, then it promptly dropped it again), and the format is ugly, and the menus and interface typically Japanese (you have to go through hula-hoops to access your information, history always breaks down, if you forget your password it's a 20-step process to reset, etc.).

Netflix is amazing, especially with the original programming and the fact that said original programming is made available, usually, at the same time world-wide (often the exception being the US and Canada because they will air them weekly and so don't release the whole season at once). My only problem with Netlfix is how they edit some of the movies and shows -- I've noticed pieces missing from time to time -- and the recent price hike has lost a lot of people.

Amazon Prime came late into the game, but easily picks up the slack Hulu left in its disastrous decision to go Japanese, with its biggest advantage being that it can easily pick up Prime customers. Beautiful interface, although a little repetitive with all the menu overlap. Amazon Prime's biggest problem is that it is still tiny in terms of archives and offerings, and can't compete with Netflix' original programming.

In any case, while Hulu is going the way of all things taken over by Japanese companies (or started by them as competition), like Mixi or Gyao, all three are a godsend, and FAR better than subscribing 3000/month for ONE movie channel like WOWOW, or 5 dvds a week at Tsutaya for the same cost as a month of all you can watch on the streaming services. Rental shops are so desperate they are sending out postcards and emails with deals that they cannot possibly profit from. They only reason they are still operating at all is because they sell the burnable blank DVD and CD Roms that you can buy (illegally, but then why would the cops do anything about it?) to burn the music or movies you can rent for a night to a week.

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Tried Hulu last time i was there but felt there was not much to choose from (movies and series). Far too mainstream and silly for my liking.

Series like 'spirals' (bbc4) or 'the secret' (northern irish drama) would be good.

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Plus, you can unblock Netflix to get US Netflix content too.

How do you do this, and is it legal???

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Posters got it right ! Hulu is crap - interface is terrible and the only reason I kept it was to watch HBO stuff "the game of thrones" and "the wire". Went so far downhill after being sold to a Japanese company. They actually separated everything into subtitles or only dubbed (in this day and age) and YES you can't change the language.

So I kept on finding a good movie to watch only to discover that it was the dubbed version. Why oh Why ??

Netflix as another poster said "is a godsend" and amen to that !!

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Mainly use Amazon Prime. They have a deep foreign library.

Have a netflix sub, but not streaming. Wanted the huge DVD back catalog - don't really want new streaming stuff.

Hulu (free) was fine. I expected commercials. Have ZERO interest in paying monthly to get commercials. Why?

Still, all of these are much cheaper than a paid cableTV setup and no need to deal with commercials.

If people want to watch US/Canada content, just get a VPN with exits in the countries you'd like to watch content for US$35/yr and watch over the web or using Kodi. It really isn't that hard. Get sports from Europe, Doctor Who from the UK, US stuff from exits all over the USA, Colombia telenovelas, and Hong Kong action from HKG. Most choices that any human can stand.

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I use Kodi. better than any above and free.

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I agree with what you are saying but actually netflix japan has a lot of new stuff including doctor who. It even has designated survivor (a new ABC drama with Kiefer Sutherland) starting soon plus its under 1000 yen.

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Agree with lonelygaijin - Netflix is way better for me but damn it Hulu has got Game of thrones so keeping the two.

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I use the US Netflix, the Japan versions is just not that great as far as content is concerned. I use a VPN works beautifully and does the job. As for Hulu, don't really need it, Netflix is good enough for me.

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As soon as I'm done with House Of Cards Netflix will be cancelled. A good movie I did find though.."Mud"

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The paid Hulu in Japan isn't even as good as even the free Hulu in the US, let alone the paid Hulu there.

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I watch Hulu with vpn, found here . I am using Purevpn, as fr me, it's the best vpn for hulu and netflix too. So for me it's almost free :)

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Everybody acknowledges Netflix and Hulu for their ideal streaming shows or movies. But after the tremendous success both channels have executed region based policy to restrict the availability of U.S shows and movies library anywhere in the world which is still in criticism by their viewers. However, people are utilizing software like VPN ( and DNS for barrier free access to their favorite seasons.

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Netflix and Hulu are the best online streaming channel, especially Netflix with billions of subscriber worldwide, but unfortunately after immense pressure from the copyright freaks and major content providers of Netflix US, the Hollywood, and other content providers Netflix has to start blocking VPN services. It is not a good step at all because the content library of Netflix is the largest of all the regions it is officially available so it is a real discrimination by Netflix and its users in other countries are compelled to use a Netflix VPN to access the largest content library of Netflix US from anywhere in the world.

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